MUSICAL THEATER in 2023: How to Write Your Musical, with Bob Garrett

Bob Garrett was a Broadway star, a hit writer, a Motown staff writer, and vocal coach to the stars (Katy Perry, Jessica Lange...). He has advised on countless musicals (The Color Purple, etc) and has co-written his own, in development. Learn from Bob and some recent graduates of his class about the journey of figuring out when an idea might be bigger than just one song, and how to grow that idea into an entire show.

Bob Garrett is the rare mentor who has "done it all." We are so proud to have him as part of this community, guiding and inspiring the next round of creators to realize their visions and potential. Want to know why we have only run Bob's Musical Theater once class since the Fall of '21? Because a core group of members of that class voted to extend the class and continue working with one another and with Bob--for 50+ additional weeks! That work resulted in a a completed full draft of a show for each of them.

You'll hear from three of those recent graduates in this conversation, Jan Seides, Clare McCaffrey, and Courtney Leigh Heins. Courtney was named a FINALIST for the Jonathan Larson Grant 2022! Bob and his students take questions and inspire us to dream bigger--and act on those dreams.
Even if you are not interested in writing for musical theater (yet!), you'll get a lot out of this conversation about the process of dreaming and doing, writing and rewriting, iterating and refining, to get to something you're proud of.

Watch the full video below: