Lindsay Wolfington is a multiple winner of the Guild of Music Supervisors Award and Emmy-Nominated for Outstanding Supervision. Her extensive credits include the To All the Boys I've Loved Before trilogy of movies and Monster High, as well as popular shows like Virgin River, The Royals, One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer, Atypical, the CW's Sullivan's Crossing and more. For her exemplary work and leadership, she was recently elected President of The Guild.


Watch this 90-minutes conversation with The ROOTS songwriting instructor Rob Seals all about Sync Licensing and Placing Songs in TV and Film. 

The full course Placing Songs in TV, Commercials, and Film starts Monday 2/5/24 and includes 6 live meetings, 4 pre-recorded ones, and a writing camp on a live brief. Lindsay Wolfington returns as an expert guest then where you'll enjoy weekly opportunities to meet and learn from top music supervisors in film, tv, commercials, and trailers; licensing companies, music libraries, producers, artists accomplished in sync, an attorney, and more. Class includes multiple opportunities to receive feedback on your work. Class includes a virtual and in-person "writing camp" on a live brief.

Just a few days before this conversation, in the Season Finale of the CW drama Sullivan’s Crossing, Lindsay used a song by The Songwriting School’s own Jason Ryterband (RYTERBAND) and Sophia Moore in the emotional closing scene, an extended version of their beautiful cover of “Say Something.” The song was recorded and produced and mixed here in our studio by Rob Seals. This was a listing that came from the Placing Songs class

Check out their cover of “Say Something” on Spotify or this studio/live YouTube performance.

Students currently enrolled in the full course or who enroll by next week will be eligible to submit for projects Lindsay is working on, including season 2 of Sullivan’s Crossing and Season 6 of Virgin River.

In addition, alums of the class will be welcome to submit as well as we continue to want to support your success. Just reach out to be included.

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