About Us

Devoted to the Artistry & Industry of Songwriting: Inspire, Instruct, Empower.

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles™ exists to inspire, instruct, and empower you to create work of meaning and value through outstanding education, top-flight services, and a network of mentoring and support. We offer songwriting classesprivate lessons in songwriting, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and voice, on-line classes and lessons, special guest events and master classes, and a professional recording studio. We believe in the importance of youth education in music and writing, and we pursue a mission of public service to that end.
We are professional creators and facilitators, working artists and teachers. Instructors include Grammy Winning and Nominated Songwriters, #1 Writers, ASCAP & BMI Song of the Year Award Winners, film and tv composers, Motown and Brill Building hit writers, top-shelf LA session musicians, and more.  We founded The Songwriting School to foster, celebrate, and utilize the generous and talented community of music creators both here in Los Angeles and far beyond, and to help all who come here to write the songs that matter.

Our students range from first-time writers to multiple Grammy-nominated songwriters, from aspiring writers who may not yet play an instrument to current or former major label artists, from working songwriters attempting to deepen their craft and expand their network to working actors looking to diversify and broaden their skills.  The common thread no matter the industry experience or ambition:  passion for your art, a commitment to doing great work, and a mutual respect for your fellow songwriters.  This breeds a community full of talented people who are not, well, "too cool for school."  It means that every time you're in the building, you are meeting potential collaborators and peers.  And that every class, workshop, or event might truly inspire, instruct, and empower you to make good on your promise as a songwriter.

From the classroom to the lesson room, from the studio to the stage, everything we do begins with the song.

A Benediction of Sorts…
The Songwriting School of Los Angeles seeks to honor the people in our lives who made and make creativity possible, who teach us the exhilaration of discovery and the rewards of vigilance. Whether you walk through our doors here in LA or you access this community online, we give thanks to the artists, students, and teachers everywhere who inspire us to learn more about our art and craft. May this School be a place where you find advocates, champions, and mentors. May it provide you with a firm foundation of learning and a deep reverence for discovery that help you fully believe in and realize your own creative possibilities.