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Is The Songwriting School a college or what?

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is a School for songwriters of all experience levels, genres, and interests.  We offer classes, events, and private instruction both on-campus AND online, each Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our students range from accomplished, decorated, working writers in the industry to first-time writers, and all points in between.  We are not a 2- or 4-year degree institution or "college."  Instead of admissions standards per se, we make a thoughtful attempt to place our students in the most positive class settings to nurture their creative and professional development.  As such, there is a class for every level of songwriter.  

In this way we are more like your favorite restaurant than a college: some students take our class menu a la carte style and enroll in the one or few classes that satisfy their interests, needs, schedule, or budget; still others enjoy the buffet and the UNLIMITED ENROLLMENT option, whether for a single season or more.

If you are looking for a college degree in songwriting, there are a few fine institutions in the United States that can allow you to pursue one.  If the piece of paper you are looking for is not a diploma but rather a lyric sheet with your name on it, or if you are looking to learn to write the songs that matter, in any genre, let's see if The Songwriting School of Los Angeles has a class or workshop setting that would feel meaningful for you. 

Why should I study at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles?

Because your music matters to you.  Because this is a positive, nurturing environment.  Because the creative community here is respectful and encouraging.  Because the instructors are some of the finest teachers and writers anywhere--Grammy winning and nominated, BMI and ASCAP Song of the Year Award winners, #1 hit writers, Motown and Brill Building, film/tv composers and songwriters, and more.

Everyone who enters this building cares about their songwriting, deeply.  No one is too cool for School.  When everyone is passionate, enthusiastic, and positive, you can't tell who has had great successes in the industry from the first-timers.  You can only tell they are committed to writing songs that matter.  In this community you are likely to meet potential collaborators, future bandmates, your next producer, the singer for your demo, advocates, mentors, colleagues, friends. 

We offer innovative programming, passionate and skillful teachers, and small classes and events that…

  • Create a positive, supportive community of songwriters and musicians
  • Help you find inspiration
  • Teach you the tools and skills to write the songs that matter
  • Give you opportunities to learn about the music industry from distinguished guests
  • Provide accomplished teachers who are passionate about what they do

The creative facility has professional recording studios on-site.  Whether you are a first-time writer or a seasoned veteran, this setting creates real-world opportunities to grow and develop to your full potential, to network and to collaborate, and to find inspiration and purpose.

How do I know what class to take?

Call the School, 818-848-7664, to discuss your background, interests, and goals and we will arrive at the appropriate plan of action with you. Or fill out the CONTACT US form on the website and wait to hear back from someone at The Songwriting School to help you formulate that plan. Most people begin with THE ROOTS, our foundational course for songwriting study. While many have written their very first songs in THE ROOTS, it is not a beginner's class per se. Current and former major label talent, Billboard charting artists, and multiple Grammy nominees have also found THE ROOTS to be an inspiring and essential setting for aligning creative and professional goals.

What is the age range for your students and classes?

We believe that while the music industry may have a thing or two to say about the age of its acts, you are never too young or too old to have a great idea and to articulate it in a great song. We work with students of a “writerly age”: if you are old (or young) enough to write a song, we probably have a class for you. Students have ranged from elementary school aged to retirement aged. The median age for our students is mid to late 20s. Often classes are all adults, a mix of adults and teens, or as part of our Young Professionals Program some classes and programs are aimed specifically for ages 12-18, younger by special permission.

How much are classes? How long do they last?

Class length is based upon the material, the nature of the class, and, if appropriate, the age-range of the students. Classes typically meet once or in certain situations twice per week, for 6-10 class meetings total. Some classes are as short as an hour, but the typical interactive songwriting class is 2 to 2½ hours to allow time during class to try on the concepts and skills first-hand and receive feedback on the songs you are writing. Some students opt to enroll by the "season" taking unlimited classes and paying a fixed tuition around $2k USD, an amount that typically saves between many hundreds of dollars, depending upon the desired schedule. Others take classes a la carte, one or more at a time, as their needs, schedule, and budget allow. Individual courses cost between $200-600 typicall. Tuition varies class to class and is posted on the Registration page. 

Do you offer youth programming?

We currently offer The Young Professionals Program for aspiring songwriters aged 12-18, younger by individual permission, who have demonstrated a seriousness about their music. We have a one- to two-week non-residential Summer Program called the Young Artist Intensive. Additional after-school programming is also regularly available for beginning and more experienced writers and musicians alike.

What services do you provide for international students?

Thank you for reaching out! The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is a School for songwriters of all experience levels, genres, and interests. We are not a 2- or 4-year degree institution. Instead of admissions standards per se, we make a thoughtful attempt to place our students in the most positive class settings to nurture their creative and professional development. As such, there is a class for every level of songwriter. For some that might mean approaching our class menu a la carte style, taking individual classes as appropriate. For others that might mean full enrollment by the season: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

We are proud to be home to a number of international students. Please let us know more about your background, interests, and aspirations in music, and if you imagine studying with us in person or online, how soon that study might begin. Then we can explore the best fit for your needs, schedule, and budget. All of our classes are listed on our website, www.thesongwritingschool.com.

Full enrollment per semester usually varies between $2k-2500 USD depending upon the courses offered. We do not have housing accommodations for our students per se as this is not a residential school, but we can help recommend housing based upon your length of stay, etc. Please let us know more and we can discuss classes and put you in touch with a few potential short- and long-term housing opportunities. We do not currently have the power to grant student VISAs for international students but hope to be able to extend that privilege in 2016.

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