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  • Kate C  • Los Angeles, CA • 5 Stars • 0 Friends, 19 Reviews • 4/16/2015 • ✭✭✭✭✭

This school changed my life. For so long it's just been me by myself making music as a hobby. This school provided me with the community that I was missing, as well as the tools to start turning my dream into a career. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful friendships and education that I have received here.

The owner/director of the school, Rob Seals, is one of the kindest and hardworking people I have ever met. I had the privilege of taking his class, "The Roots." It is without a doubt my favorite class. It's a gentle and non-judgmental approach to songwriting that is all about "finding your truth." I was a cover singer before and now I can't stop writing. Thank you!!

This semester I also took:

The Modern Mindset with Gaelen Whittemore
This is an absolute must for any independent artist! The work we did on our artist case studies gave me the foundation to create my own personal artist marketing/roll out plan.

Co-Writing with Alan Roy Scott
This class is so much fun! So many songs today are written by multiple artist that it's great to get actual experience and insight from a top songwriter. Alan is so patient, knowledgable and supportive.

Commercial Hit Lyrics with Mark Winkler
I am so glad that I took this class! Mark's tips and insights gave me a solid understanding of structure, rhyme schemes and descriptive word choice. The homework gave me so many new strategies for writing and I am a much stronger writer b/c of this class.

Logic with Jay Asher
Jay is an absolute hoot! He's so kind and helpful and genuinely excited to share his knowledge. I learned so much and the level of my music production has gone up tremendously! 

Song Placement with Lindsay Wolfington
This was such a great introduction into the world of placements. I loved that Lindsay brought in speakers discuss the specifics of placements for TV, commercials, libraries etc... While I wished that I had polished original music to share with her, I am so glad I took this class before I put an album out so I can use her advice to tailor a few songs for placements.

Music Theory
I took this class online so I was not as involved with it as I wish I could have been. However, it was such a great refresher on theory for me!

Music Production for Songwriters
I am currently in this class. There is a fair amount of overlap with Logic (definitely take Logic first so it's not overwhelming) but it's nice to get more hands on time in the studio. One of our projects is to recreate a song and I love how specific we get with the production of it.

Singing for Actors with Jan Linder-Koda
I loved just getting back up and performing again. The fellow singers are so supportive and their feedback has helped me with my repertoire selection.



This school harbors MAD talent and sincerity! I love business owners such as Rob! He's a heart felt guy who is extremely successful and does it FOR THE LOVE of the Art! The intimacy of the school allows for you to thrive if your one of those "rise to the top" sort of students! I TRULY wouldn't recommend ANY other music school in the state of CA because this one proves to be advantageous in a multitude of ways. 

The cost of the classes are reasonable for the wealth of knowledge you gain! Remember to apply everything you learn or it's wasted education! The professors are accessible if you need them to expand on anything. 

Attend a few free classes, the last one I went to was on the business part of the industry, taught by a guest speaker who writes in Neo's camp of Songwriters! 

If your considering a future in the music industry give The Songwriting School of Los Angeles a shout. You can thank me later.  ; )



  • Elleax S. • Beverly Hills, CA • 5 Stars • 15 friends, 26 reviews • 10/29/2014 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I cannot say enough good things about The Songwriting School of Los Angeles. 

I waited a whole year to write this review and have taken 5 classes here so far. Honestly, the school, instructors, students, and the classes have helped me grow so much as a songwriter and as an aspiring producer. 

The environment is encouraging. The classes are on point. It's just a dope place. 

1. Night Classes: Most classes start after 6pm during the weekdays so this is perfect for people who still have day jobs).

2. Affordable Tuition: Most classes are under $500 and the staff is so friendly and supportive, you can even get on a payment plan. 

3. Real Life Experience: We're not textbook here. Everything is hands-on and applicable in the music industry. Many of the instructors are WORKING professionals. They've worked in the industry for years and have knowledge that is practical and useful. 

I went from not knowing how to play guitar to knowing how to play full songs by week four! The Roots class is amazing. Music Theory is soooo useful. I am not only a better writer having taken classes here, but also a better, more confident person.

If you're thinking about attending this school, I have two words for you: GROWTH SPURT :)



  • Seema S. • Los Angeles, CA • 0 friends • 2 reviews • 2/20/2015 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I would be lost as an artist without Rob Seals and all the teachers and students at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles. Whether you're an amateur, dreaming about singing and writing music, or someone who's been performing since childhood, this school helps you understand who you are as an artist and helps you define your artistic contribution to the world. I've taken almost of the classes offered and through each one, I've grown in ways I could never have expected. 

The Songwriting School has such a safe and nurturing environment, which naturally cultivates creativity. What I've learned here, I not only apply to my artistic endeavors, but to my whole life. The school has a way of drawing amazingly genuine people. I think everyone who identifies as an artist/creative needs to check this place out, it just might change your world. ;)



  • Andrew P. • Longview, TX • 4 friends • 2 reviews • 10/19/2014 • ✭✭✭✭✭

The Songwriting School is a wonderful community of deeply talented and loving individuals passionate about music.  I first studied here in Spring/Summer 2012 and the experience changed my life in the best way possible.  Rob Seals is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and through his Roots class and his compassionate guidance I gained so much essential knowledge about my craft as well as a renewed confidence in my gifts.  

Since then I've taken several other classes on-campus and online, including Hooks that Kill with Tim Fagan, 8 Weeks to Killer Vocals with Michael Goodrich, Logic Pro X for Songwriters and Producers with Jay Asher, and The Beatles Code with Bill Lafleur; all of them have been well worth the investment.  If you're looking to improve your craft as a songwriter and be part of a supportive community of like-minded music creators, it doesn't get better than The Songwriting School  :)



  • Bryan S. • Los Angeles, CA • 2 friends• 13 reviews • 8/22/2012 • ✭✭✭✭✭

The Roots class is AMAZING!  I learned soo very much from Mr. Rob Seals.  If you are thinking about taking the Roots I highly recommend it.  It was worth every penny and I am so lucky I found the Songwriting School of Los Angeles.  Great people, Great energy, Great inspiration.  I cant wait to go back!

Bryan Leigh Smith
B RyaN



A beautiful, supportive atmosphere combined with thoughtful, knowledgeable people -- I'm not sure it gets any better as far as school environments go.

I came here for the first time in late 2009 an insecure songwriter who'd sorta lost her way, and because of the invaluable insight, ample opportunities and warm fuzzy feeling-inducing support I was met with, I now feel remarkably more confident in not only furthering my own independent musical journey, but in taking the many lessons I've learned here and running with 'em. Rob Seals in particular is articulate, intelligent, and staggeringly generous. Beginners and professionals alike are welcomed with equally open arms here.

Some teachers purport to show you how to write songs, when in reality they're only showing you how THEY write songs. The truth is, there is no one way to write songs. Everybody writes differently, and the Songwriting School's classes (in particular, the "Roots" series) teach you (and taught me) -- and excuse my corny here -- how to be the best YOU you can be. 

Also, there are Open Mic and performance opportunities, fun and informative events happening all the time, and a full state-of-the-art recording studio downstairs! 

Honestly, there's a ton more (good stuff) I could say about this place. But you know what? I will conclude by saying that I think it's a really beautiful thing they're doing here at this school -- firstly, for not succumbing to the shallow, sellability-focused curriculums of other music schools, and in addition, offering priceless support and insight to needy, self-loathing musicians like us. (Am I right?) 

So thanks, Rob & Co., for all you've done for me and my little songs. I am humbled, grateful and indebted.



The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is an oasis of positive creative energy that never fails to bring the best out of everyone who crosses its threshold . . . Rob Seals has done an amazing job bringing together talent from both sides of the learning equation. It's not only a great place to learn, it's a great place to teach. I know . . . I teach there and I love it . . . 

Philip Cody



  • Gerry K. • Los Angeles, CA • 485 friends • 293 reviews • 12/18/2011 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I run one of the most highly thought of comedy schools in Los Angeles, so I know what it means to give 110% to your students, to teach with passion, and to create an environment where kindness, fun, and creativity flourish and are king.

Other than my school (standupcomedyclass.com) I cannot remember being in a much better learning environment than Rob Seals' "Roots" (building blocks of songwriting) class. 

Rob is the best, the place is the bomb, and his other teachers are accomplished.  I can't think of a better place to learn songwriting.  Thank you Rob Seals and thank you thesongwritingschool.com



  • A F. • NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA • 1 friend • 5 reviews • 11/12/2013 • ✭✭✭✭✭

This school is amazing. I've been attending classes for a little over a year now, and just love it. The director, Rob Seals is not only incredibly talented and knowledgeable, but also humble and so positive, which is a very rare trait in LA. I've taken The Roots, Vocal Performance, Modern Mindset, Who's Looking, and Theory level one and two. All classes I would recommend. I feel so much more confident and prepared as a singer/song writer after taking their classes. Everyone is super supportive, and I just love being there. Really a great community of talent and support.



  • Sarah L. • Los Angeles, CA • 0 friends • 4 reviews • 4/13/2013 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I cannot recommend this school highly enough.  I loved the Roots class and Rob Seals is a great teacher.  Its not just a class, it's a community.  Incredibly creative and supportive.



  • Shan C. • Los Angeles, CA • 3 friends • 6 reviews • 7/12/2012 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I love this place, everyone from the instructors to the students are exceptionally passionate about what they do.  Every week I leave class just beaming with energy.



  • Kerri M. • Los Angeles, CA • 5 friends • 2 reviews • 10/15/2010 • ✭✭✭✭✭
First to Review

If you are interested in the art and craft of songwriting, the Songwriting School of Los Angeles is the place to go!  I am currently taking the Roots class (foundational class in songwriting) and completed beginning guitar for songwriters over the summer.  The instructors and staff are incredibly knowledgeable and gracious with their time and energy.

This is an environment that not only encourages and instructs you in the songwriting craft, but it provides amazing creative inspiration for beginning and experienced songwriters.

Along with the great classes that are offered, the school is also hosting a monthly free forum every second Wednesday of the month, where students are encouraged to perform and a music industry professional will speak on a specific musical topic.

I'm so impressed with this place, if I could give them another star I would!  Consider this five star rating an 11 on the guitar amp!



  • Aliya H. • Los Angeles, CA • 0 friends • 14 reviews • 1/7/2011 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I moved to Los Angeles for singing and songwriting 10 months ago and immediately looked for a way to connect to the songwriting community. I found The Songwriting School of Los Angeles and gave them a call. The owner, Rob, spent time talking with me, uncovering my needs, and let me tour the school and sit in on a class. I have taken classes in Seattle with a Grammy-winning songwriter, and various workshops in Nashville, and this place is, hands down, my favorite.  Rob genuinely cares about people and you can tell that he wants you to succeed. I have also met new friends, as well as established songwriters and music industry people through this school. 

Not only that, but this school has given me feedback on my songs, inspiration, theory knowledge, music business insight, and performance advice from The Roots, The Workshop, and Songmakers classes.

It is a wonderful place for the absolute beginner to the advanced songwriter.



  • Stephanie B. • Astoria, Queens, NY • 0 friends • 6 reviews • 8/20/2012 • ✭✭✭✭✭

I just finished my first 5-week class at the Songwriting School of LA and it was one of the best experiences of my life!  All of the teachers and students are creative, helpful, and just plain awesome to be around.  What a great inspired atmosphere!  I plan on taking as many classes as I can possibly fit into my schedule.



  • Shannon D. • Burbank, CA • 28 friends • 2 reviews • 1/17/2011 • ✭✭✭✭✭

Took a Roots I class last summer and absolutely loved it. It was a very versatile diverse environment that encouraged and gave room for writers of all levels to develop, contribute and progress as a writer, artist and musician. Rob Seals is incredibly inspiring and supportive in so many ways. I'm very anxious to get back and take another class very soon. I would highly highly recommend taking a class here that fits your personal interest and artistic desires. You will not be disappointed and you are sure to come away with inspiration, encouragement and new skills to help you both believe in yourself and believe in your goals. I also can't say enough about the instructor I worked with, Rob Seals. He truly is an amazing teacher and mentor to all. In a world that feels full of people that just look to add to their numbers, Rob is someone who I felt/feel truly cares about each and every student and his/her own development and opportunity to find success, either personally or professionally...and hopefully both.



  • Eryn G. • Los Angeles, CA • 2 friends • 5 reviews • 12/15/2010 • ✭✭✭✭✭

This place is amazing!! Such a positive atmosphere, if I could be there everyday I would!! I not only learned how to write better lyrics, but am starting to understand how to write music and come up with my own melodies (something I would have never thought possible.) The staff and students at this school are incredibly talented and wonderful people. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!