• THURS 2/22, 7pm over ZOOM: Learn How to Write for Musical Theater -- how to come up with an idea for your original show, or how to develop your idea into a show, with the great Bob Garrett. FREE! Sign up to attend live or to be sent the archive.

The 10-wk class HOW TO WRITE FOR MUSICAL THEATER starts TH 2/29, 7pm PT over zoom. Learn more or enroll here. Space is limited!
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• SAT 2/24, 2:30pm PT in-person & over zoom: THE MAGIC OF THE STUDIO, with Grammy Winners Brent Paschke (Pharrell) and Nikhil Korula (Ziggy Marley). Free event. Limited to 20 people in-person; unlimited over zoom/on-demand. 

The 8-meeting in-studio (and over zoom) class THE MAGIC OF THE STUDIO starts SAT 3/9 2-6pm with a Writing Camp . Learn more or enroll here. Space is limited! and then meets Saturdays 2-5p and Thursdays 8-10pm, 8 meetings total.
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    • MON 2/26, 4pm over ZOOM: The Grammy Dream Blueprint: Mastering The Art Of Confidence, with vocal performance and mindset coach Joy Graysen. FREE! Sign up to attend live or to be sent the archive.



    • All About Sync Licensing, with Award-Winning Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. Go here to watch the event 

    Still space to enroll in the full class PLACING SONGS in FILM, TV, & Commercials, started in February and can still be joined with both in-person and online/on-demand opportunities, including the chance to submit for live listings and a Writing Camp on a live brief.

    • MAGIC OF THE STUDIO with 2 Grammy Winners: Watch the Archive 
    Join Pharrell’s Guitar Player, Grammy Winning Songwriter/Producer/Guitarist Brent Paschke, and Grammy Winning credited Songwriter Nikhil Korula for a night of talking about what makes for great songs and great records and the Magic of the Studio.


    Some WINTER 2024 classes (especially with a performance aspect) will have specific in-person opportunities for LA people--and all classes will additionally be offered over Zoom fully interactive, with both live, real-time interaction with your instructor and classmates AND fully on-demand archives of each class for your access, on your own schedule. 

    Questions? Want help picking the right classes? Need to discuss tuition arrangements in these trying times? CONTACT US HERE or call 818-848-7664.

    If this is your first time enrolling in a class at The Songwriting School, there is a one-time new student registration fee of $35. You will not owe this again for future classes, nor will you owe this for private lessons or individual workshops or free and open events. You can pay the registration fee here at the time of your registration or at the start of your class.