THE VOICE LAB, with Vocal Coach to the Stars Bob Garrett


Bob Garrett has coached pop stars like Katy Perry, Big Time Rush, and multiple seasons of American Idol—and he has coached actors like Elle Fanning, Drew Barrymore, Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman, and Jessica Lange in on-camera singing roles.

We have him for this free workshop of coaching, advice, and vocal technique and performance work, in advance of the start of his 8-wk in-person and online vocal technique & vocal performance class THE VOICE LAB at The Songwriting School!




About The Lab:

Bob will first cover vocal technique with exercises 

  • develop strain-free vocals
  • promote proper, effective breathing
  • expand your range
  • voice placement and
  • build vocal stamina. 

The regular exercises will markedly better your voice on a daily basis, covering belt, head/falsetto range and passaggio.  No more straining for high notes once you master this technique!

Bob will work on your individual songs with notes on your songs in process, to prepare you to deliver confident, consistent, moving performances in any setting--in the studio, live on stage, for a TikTok or IG, for your Patreon channel, in an audition, anywhere.  

In this class, you will... (READ BELOW)

  • receive vocal notes on recorded work so your live performances of those songs shine like never before; this can include originals or covers

  • learn many secrets on how to lessen your nerves in studio and onstage. These secrets are based on his experiences and work in all areas of the music industry and are invaluable for all of your vocal performances.

  • practice how to better your riffs and runs with exercises and how to explore endless possibilities with your musical mind. Whatever genre or style of music you write and sing in, Bob will explore what works best for you.

  • discover how to personalize your songs, in the moment, both in studio and at live gigs. The concept is not just to exhibit your voice but to move people with your words and music. That element is what attracts fans who will come back to see you and listen to your music because they know they will be moved, again and again.

  • explore how to be your vocal best to perform from Instas and Tik Toks et al, both concept and performance.

  • learn and practice the secrets of Mic technique in studio and for live performances. 

Bob, a veteran performer himself, will also help you with your live performance work and ensure that your image physically matches the messages of your music. It has become vital to record companies, managers, and to the public that you find or create “your lane” – a lane that is unique, universal, and identifiable, one that matches who you are. Bob will help you find and connect the through-line of artist, image, material, and performance.

Not every performance goes great! You will also learn how to technically correct your vocal performances when you are not happy with the results. This will not only help you, it will equip you with perspectives, language, and tools to enhance performances of your collaborators, bandmates, background singers, or anyone whose contribution is a part of your music.

Class is limited to 10 singers in-person and to 6 singers online. Online students will get personal attention from Bob at an additional meeting time. 


  • specific coaching with Bob in a professional recording studio
  • an additional recording session opportunity on an agreed-upon non class night
  • HD multi-cam film of a final performance, suitable for EPK, submissions, social media promotion, YouTube channel, etc.--or for your private study
  • online students: because you're not here in our studio or in front of our cameras, we can't provide these services, so your added value is having not only the weekly class to participate with but a separate and additional time to work with Bob that is reserved for online students