Songwriting is a service endeavor: we serve a human truth, and one another. The moment you became a songwriter you signed a contract: you pledged to live presently and alertly, to shape the heart & wisdom you took from tragedy or triumph into song, and to hand that song back to the tribe, memorably. 

Here we seek to grow a meaningful list of opportunities for our community to serve those who will be impacted by the gifts of time, effort, creativity, or talents.

  • BIG SUNDAYa remarkable service organization run by Songwriting School community member David Levinson, makes big giving possible by creating opportunities of all types and sizes for people to volunteer time, talents, and resources. Their list of more than 1500 ways to help out allows people of all ages, backgrounds, and neighborhoods to get involved and help all over the Los Angeles area.
  • Big Sunday's PROBO LIST matches people and their talents with individuals, schools, NPOs, and groups with needs. 
  • Inner City Arts sets the benchmark for how the arts can transform young lives. Located in the heart of Skid Row, they welcome volunteers, donations, and hold fundraising events to further their innovative programming. Songwriting School community member Jennifer Carroll has worked there for many years, and friend to The Songwriting School Aretta Frazier continues her important advocacy work with and for them.
  • A Place Called Home uses music, dance, and the arts to give children in South Central LA confidence, critical thinking, and a positive sense of direction and self. They welcome volunteers and donations. Steve Lindsey, 100-million selling publisher and the man largely credited with developing Bruno Mars, taught a great class at The Songwriting School and had the School donate his honorarium to A Place Called Home.

Have an organization deserving of this list? We appreciate learning about it. CONTACT US and let us know the details and we will consider adding it. Thanks for all you do to serve others.