From Scene to Song: Writing for Musical Theater

How To Write For Musical Theater - Returns SPRING/SUMMER 2024! Thursdays 7pm Pacific - Class Starts 5/30/24!

Bob Garrett was a Broadway star, a hit writer, a Motown staff writer, and vocal coach to the stars (Katy Perry, Jessica Lange...). He has advised on countless musicals (The Color Purple, etc) and has co-written his own, in development. In this brief conversation, Bob and Songwriting School student and accomplished writer Richard Castle, we discuss "the Book"--the story of a musical theater production, and the interplay of scene and song. We also talk about strategies to write and rewrite and how to finish(!) a full show.

Bob Garrett is the rare mentor who has "done it all." We are so proud to have him as part of this community, guiding and inspiring the next round of creators to realize their visions and potential.

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Bob Garrett

Richard Castle