January 23, 2023

In Loving Memory of Croz, by Paul Zollo

It’s with deep sorrow, which I share with millions I know, to learn that the great David Crosby – aka Croz, as well as Shadow Captain, and “the man with the twinkle in his eye,” according to Joni Mitchell – has left to launch his next adventure.

Of all the greats of songwriting I have known, I got to know Croz better than almost all of them, thanks to the Aspen Writer’s Foundation. As pictured above, I hosted their Lyrically Speaking series for a while and hosted a night – the most memorable one ever – with the great Croz. Paul Zollo continues...

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January 01, 2023


In 2022 The Songwriting School community members enjoyed sync placements and album releases, live tours and big streaming numbers, first performances and first truly meaningful songs.The world needs songwriters more now than ever. Songwriters have the capacity to imagine, the patience to notice, the empathy to perceive, and the artfulness to craft all of that into something memorable to hand back to the tribe. Here's wishing you all continued courage and joy in that process.
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November 14, 2018

ATTORNEY BEN McLANE - Music Business in Ten Easy Lessons

Respected Music Attorney Ben McLane returned to The Songwriting School in October 2018 for Episode 7 of In Writing: Conversations on the Music Business, In this open forum, Ben presented topics from his brand new book Music Business in Ten Easy Lessons, and fielded questions from the audience. Mr. McLane has been involved in deals of more than 100 Top 10 Songs and Albums. If you have a question, he has an answer. Visit his websit: www.benmclane.com Check out Ben's book on Amazon Music...
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July 07, 2018

YOU GOTTA LOVE MUSIC: Full Interview with Grammy-Winning Producer Bob Cutarella

As producer, Bob Cutarella has shaped records for some of the most iconic artists in our industry. As publisher or manager, his gift for matching artists and songs led to cuts with still more icons. As a developer of young talent, he workshopped emerging songwriters at The Songwriters Hall of Fame in NY for a decade. Watch this personal interview as Bob reflects on the love and tenacity required to make a life and a living in music.
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November 15, 2017

BOOK of RHYMES: Romane Armand and The Art of Rhyming - Full Video

The Songwriting School welcomed Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Continuous Freestyle Rap (24+ hours!) and author Romane Armand on Monday, November 13 for a night of rhyme. In his new rhyming dictionary, Book of Rhymes: A Laxative for Creative Constipation, Armand delivers the family-rhyming fruits of 14 years of creative labor, a paperback device for breaking through blocks. Armand explained that his love of rhymes is nearly as old as he is. As a child he struggled in school....
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February 19, 2017

The Grammys and The Songwriting School: Winners and Nominees in Our Community

THE GRAMMYS & THE SONGWRITING SCHOOL THE ROOTS songwriting student and Megadeath lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro (picture above, second from left) took home the Grammy for Metal Album of the Year! His brilliantly talented wife, Maria Ilmoniemi, is a ROOTS and Songmakers alum as well.ROOTS and Music Theory alum Dan Konopka's band OK GO lost the Best Video Grammy to Beyonce. Man, if we had a dime for every Grammy our students lost to Beyonce...Our old tenant in Studio B Andrew Dawson...
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September 18, 2016

Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interviews by Paul Zollo Notification List Sign-Up

Want to be invited when Paul Zollo interviews an iconic songwriter like Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductees Jeff Barry or Chip Taylor, Grammy- & Oscar-Nominated Stephen Bishop, the great Neil Sedaka, or Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Member Mike Love? We do too! Sign up below to attend in person, tune in live online, or watch the archives. Note: Enter your e-mail address in the space provided and press ENTER or RETURN on  your device. Your address will be...
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August 30, 2016

"It's Gotta Give Me the Chills" - Songwriters Hall of Famer Chip Taylor Video

How do you know when a song idea is worth pursuing? "It's gotta give me the chills," remarks Songwriters Hall of Fame 2016 Inductee Chip Taylor without a moment of hesitation. He recounts how he has learned to trust what moves him in this inspiring and fascinating conversation and performance with Paul Zollo as part of Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interviews by Paul Zollo. Chip Taylor is perhaps best known for writing the iconic "Wild Thing" as well as the...
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April 24, 2016

Remembering Prince, by Paul Zollo

  (Above: LA's essential art museum LACMA turned its Rain Room exhibit into a memorial for Prince.) Remembering Prince By PAUL ZOLLO The world has changed. Profoundly. He was a miraculous musician of multitudes. As the world knows well, he was a miracle songwriter, a remarkably soulful singer and performer, and an astounding guitarist and virtuoso musician on almost every instrument under the sun. And under the purple rain. First time I saw him live was when he was one...
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April 01, 2016

Grammy Nominated/#1 Writer Shelly Peiken's Confessional Night of Song

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles was honored to host Grammy-Nominated #1 Hit Songwriter Shelly Peiken for a reading of her new book Confessions of a Serial Songwriter on Thursday 3/31/16. She performed seven of her songs, read excerpts from the book to give each song context, and answered questions from a room full of songwriters with candor, humor, and cutting insight born of extensive experience.  Watch the entire night below, in three parts. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3     "Confessions of a...
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