The Grammys and The Songwriting School: Winners and Nominees in Our Community


 songwriting student and Megadeath lead guitarist Kiko Loureiro (picture above, second from left) took home the Grammy for Metal Album of the Year! His brilliantly talented wife, Maria Ilmoniemi, is a ROOTS and Songmakers alum as well.

ROOTS and Music Theory alum Dan Konopka's band OK GO lost the Best Video Grammy to Beyonce. Man, if we had a dime for every Grammy our students lost to Beyonce...

Our old tenant in Studio B Andrew Dawson was nominated as songwriter and engineer on Kanye's song "Famous," and our friend and guest speaker in the Placing Songs in TV & Film class Garrison Starr was nominated for the music she wrote for Margaret Cho's comedy record, but didn't win.

Two ROOTS alums were first round voting nominees, Emily Rex and Allison Lewis. Did we miss your accomplishment too? Let us know!

We are inspired by our entire creative community at The Songwriting School. Thank you for what you do and for how you do it!