Music Theory & Ear Training for Musicians - WINTER 2018: LEVEL 1 Mondays Starting 2/19; LEVEL 2 Wednesdays Starting 2/21

Designed to dovetail with THE ROOTS songwriting curriculum, Music Theory & Ear Training Level 1 equips the songwriter with a foundational understanding of harmony, melody, rhythm, and phrasing in the construction of songs. Learn to recognize chord changes and intervals by ear and come to understand how the songs you love fit together and how the songs you write might better become the songs you love.

  • Level 1 explores diatonic harmony (and if that phrase is unfamiliar to you, Level 1 is your class!).
  • Level 2 breaks you out beyond the key and explores secondary dominants, modal interchange, parallel major and minor, and more.

ROOTS students present or past take $25 off the tuition by entering the code ROOTStheory (no space, case-sensitive). If you have any difficulty, please e-mail info @ the songwriting school dot com.

LEVEL 1 Sample Curriculum:

  • The Major Scale: construction, intervals, building blocks of chords
  • Understanding and recognizing Intervals
  • Chords & Chord Function: forming Diatonic Harmony
  • Developing Effective Chord Progressions
  • Cadences
  • Melody as comprised of 4 Component Parts
  • Writing from a Motif: 4 Strategies Once You Have a Simple Idea
  • Melody-Harmony Relationship: Creating emotional, strong melodies and chord progressions
  • Rhythm, Time Signatures, Feel, & Phrasing
  • Scansion & Prosody in a Lyric/Melody
  • Major & Minor Relationships
  • 7th Chords
  • Hinting at Level 2: What Lies Beyond the Key
  • Regular assignments with feedback to integrate concepts of class

LEVEL 2 Returns WINTER 2017!

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