BOOK of RHYMES: Romane Armand and The Art of Rhyming - Full Video

The Songwriting School welcomed Guinness World Record Holder for Longest Continuous Freestyle Rap (24+ hours!) and author Romane Armand on Monday, November 13 for a night of rhyme. In his new rhyming dictionary, Book of Rhymes: A Laxative for Creative Constipation, Armand delivers the family-rhyming fruits of 14 years of creative labor, a paperback device for breaking through blocks.

Armand explained that his love of rhymes is nearly as old as he is. As a child he struggled in school. He was dyslexic, and reading came with difficulty. The mnemonic power of rhyme was a life-giving and life-saving tool for him. He read that Malcolm X read the dictionary from cover to cover to fill his head with words. Armand has read rhyming dictionaries from cover to cover to fill his own head with words that rhyme. He has made rhyming his life's work so that others might be similarly helped along.

Rob Seals, Founder of The Songwriting School and instructor of The Roots songwriting class, writes on the back jacket of the book, "Book of Rhymes is the skeleton key to the locked doors of creativity." Watch the full video from the visit, below, including the author's moving and inspiring tribute to his father, for whom the book is dedicated.

Students on-campus can pick up their own copy of Book of Rhymes at The Songwriting School in person, or on Amazon.