THE ART OF THE SONG: Late Bloomin' Jazzman Mark Winkler's Stunning New Release

Platinum Lyricist Mark Winkler has taught Commercial Hit Lyrics at The Songwriting School for more than a decade (his class returns this July!). As a songwriter he has countless cuts and authored the second-longest running Off-Broadway production of all time. As an artist, he continues to earn critical acclaim and a place on the charts. His latest release, Late Bloomin' Jazzman is no different. He sits down with The Roots songwriting instructor Rob Seals in this free Zoom conversation, with special guest Producer Barbara Brighton.

Want to study with Mark Winkler? He runs both an advanced song feedback section called The Masters' Workshop on Thursday nights this Spring and Summer, and this Summer his beloved Commercial Hit Lyrics class returns to The Songwriting School.


Congratulations, Mark Winkler, on this beautiful record! And thank you for all you have brought to our community for the past decade-plus!