HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR VOICE: The Secrets to Unshakable Confidence in Performance, with Joy Graysen

learn vocal performance at The Songwriting School

Watch vocal performance coach Joy Graysen to learn to truly fall in love with your own voice and access the secrets to unshakable confidence as a performer.

Joy Graysen is a 27-year veteran vocal and mindset coach who can show you how to tap into the truth and power of your own voice and make it your secret weapon.


In this workshop you will learn to say goodbye to... 

  • Perfection Paralysis 
  • Imposter Syndrome 
  • Self-Consciousness 
  • “Playing Small”
  • Worrying What The Audience Is Thinking
  • Etc, etc, etc, etc…

...and you will learn to say HELLO to... 

  • Unshakable  Confidence 
  • Authenticity
  • Freedom in Performance 
  • The JOY Of Expressing Yourself Through Your Own Voice 
  • Beautiful Connection With Your Audience
  • so much more!

As Joy notes, "No more excuses, no more disclaimers, no more believing your voice isn’t 'good enough' to represent your original songs or your interpretation of cover songs. Your voice is your spiritual fingerprint, and it’s time you made friends with that fact and fall in love with your voice." 

Want to work with Joy? Visit her website. Tell her you are coming from The Songwriting School and she can discuss a complimentary conversation together.