The Beatles Code: A Master Class in the Composition of The Beatles - ONLINE / On-Demand Main Content with Masterclass Weekend MAY 2019

WATCH A SPECIAL EVENT WITH INSTRUCTOR BILL LaFLEUR HERE and ENROLL FOR THE WINTER, On-Campus or Online. Any missed classes can be watched in their entirety. Extensive handouts each week available online.

Explore the compositional mastery of the Beatles theoretical concept by concept and how each is used in different classic Beatles songs in an illuminating study with a foremost authority.  You will have the opportunity to take those lessons into your own songs through regular assignments and grow in your apprenticeship to the masters.

This is not a history class! This class is devoted to expanding your compositional powers and deepening the beauty, memorability, and emotional impact of your songs.

Classes: Classes, Online Classes, Songwriting, Theory & Musicianship

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Teacher Bill LaFleur is uniquely qualified to teach this class.  Not only is he a patient, enthusiastic teacher who has previously headed our Beatles for Guitar and Guitar for Songwriters classes.  He has transcribed Magical Mystery Tour for Hal Leonard Publishing and has been charged with the task of CORRECTING their previously "complete" scores of The Beatles.  Thus the class will make use of his own painstaking analysis and presentation of Beatles classics.

He is currently lead transcriber and arranger for NBC's The Voice.

The handouts for this class alone are remarkable materials that will give you years of compositional material to build on. Some Music Theory knowledge strongly suggested. Students should have completed Music Theory for Songwriters, Level 1 or the equivalent. Some Level 2 knowledge encouraged though not required.

FORMAT: We are offering the entire 8-wk curriculum of the class online and on-demand and including a weekend Beatles Code Masterclass. Date TBA, February 2019, and filmed in multi-cam HD and available online for enrolled students, both attending in person or virtually. Online students will also have video conferencing / interactive opportunities with the instructor.

Note: Any examples of Beatles music played in class will only be partial samples and are used only for educational purposes. Any written materials or transcriptions are entirely created by Bill LaFleur. Please purchase the timeless music of The Beatles on legitimate sellers like iTunes and support the art and artists you admire and study.

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