THE BEATLES FOR GUITAR: A SONGWRITING STUDY - Fully Interactive Online with Bill LaFleur - Saturdays 2:30pm PST; Fully Interactive & On-Demand Now; SPRING 2021 SEASON 4 Starts SAT 5/15/21

GO HERE TO WATCH THIS FREE 90-MINUTE WORKSHOP with Bill LaFleur on The Guitar of the Beatles, complete with extensive handouts and a guitar arrangement of "Penny Lane". 

They wrote the songs that changed music. On the guitar. In this mind-expanding class, you will study the Masters, with a master. You will learn not only how to play the great songs on guitar--you will learn the harmony-melody concepts of those songs and how to make use of them in your own songs. This is a deep dive into songcraft, chord progressions, rhythm, and so much more. 

Class format:

  • SPRING 2021 Season 4 starts SAT 5/15/21, 2:30pm PST (6 wks) fully interactive and on-demand (instructor illness/new start date)
  • class meets online over Zoom video conferencing in a fully interactive setting
  • class includes 2 optional/additional song workshops, immediately after class 4 and after class 6, where you'll get to present the song you wrote using techniques and concepts from the class; 
  • you can join for individual classes or save and pay for the entire course 
  • at the private class site, you will be able to access the extensive PDF handouts each week, which include a lesson, chord charts, and the complete transcription of the song or songs to be covered each week
  • class members will be able to access the video archives of class--a treasure trove of learning
  • you will be able to play along when it's time to play
  • if you prefer, you may take a previous season on-demand

We are so pleased to again offer this exceptional class, and for the first time ever in a fully interactive online format!

Bill LaFleur has built FIVE full 6-class meeting cycles ("Seasons")--more than 30 Beatles songs and music lessons to last a literal lifetime of creating. The full text is more than 400 pages--a book soon to be published.

There are multiple Enrollment Options:

  1. Enroll in the 6-meeting Season 3 class for a special introductory rate of $299 (regularly $350) and get the in-person classes, full video access on-demand, and the extensive handouts for your class (roughly 90 pages). Enroll in any future cycle online and lock in that same reduced tuition!
  2. Enroll in Season 3 fully interactive & on-demand (starts 9/26) AND access all of Season 1 or Season 2 (your choice) on-demand for $499, or both Seasons 1 & 2 for $599
  3. Access Season 1 or Season 2 on-demand only for $250 and start right away.
  4. Attend individual class meetings of your choosing for $75 each--like getting an interactive group lesson, sheet music, a written lesson explaining all the music theory in the song, chord charts, and access to the video of the class(es) you attended. Want to enroll in the full class after paying for one? You may for for $225 ($25 of your individual class payment applied to tuition)
  5. Enroll in the full 5 Cycle Series and save (5 cycles, 30 classes, full online access both fully interactive and on-demand, and the full book) for $999 

Want to study still more Beatles? Guitar and piano players alike, take Bill's self-paced/on-demand class The Beatles Code and go deeper on a theoretical tip. Then join in for the masterclass meet-up and get input on your own use of the Code in your original songs.

Teacher Bill LaFleur is uniquely qualified to teach this class. Not only is he a patient, enthusiastic teacher who has previously headed our Beatles for Guitar and Guitar for Songwriters classes. He has transcribed Magical Mystery Tour for Hal Leonard Publishing and has been charged with the task of CORRECTING their previously "complete" scores of The Beatles. Thus the class will make use of his own painstaking analysis and presentation of Beatles classics.

For the last many years he has been lead transcriber and arranger for NBC's The Voice and continues to create and edit scores and transcriptions for Hal Leonard Publishing.

The handouts for this class alone are remarkable materials that will give you years of compositional material to build on. Some Music Theory knowledge strongly suggested. Students should have completed Music Theory for Songwriters, Level 1 or the equivalent. Some Level 2 knowledge encouraged though not required.

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