UNLIMITED ENROLLMENT During 2024 - One Season, Two, or Four (Winter • Spring • Summer • Fall)

All classes are offered ONLINE, both live in real-time with Zoom AND on-demand--and MANY classes are offered again in-person here in LA!


  • Writing Commercial Hit Lyrics 
  • How to Write for Musical Theater 
  • Music Production for Songwriters, Level 1 
  • Logic Pro 
  • The Roots songwriting 
  • Music Theory & Ear Training, Level 1 or Level 2 
  • The Beatles for Guitar (on-demand)
  • The Country Songwriting Manual 
  • Keyboard Skills, Levels 1 & 2 
  • Placing Songs in TV, Commercials, & Film -- Sync Licensing (mix of online/in-person)
  • Songmakers, for ROOTS Graduates (must have already completed The ROOTS)
  • The Masters' Workshop (for intermediate to experienced songwriters seeking feedback)

While the full annual calendar is updated regularly, you can begin to get a sense of what your schedule might look like below. Please reach out to discuss your background, ambitions, interest, experience levels and a faculty member can help you plan your course menu and get you started.

Note: From time to time certain classes are not included in Unlimited Enrollment but can be taken for $100 off tuition for Unlimited Enrollment Students.

HOW DO CLASSES AT THE SONGWRITING SCHOOL WORK?  Think of our Course Catalog as the Menu at your favorite restaurant.  Some order a la carte, choosing the class or classes that fit their interests, needs, schedule, and budget.  Others enjoy the Buffet and the chance to experience the full menu, with curriculum staples and the "chef's specials" offerings from visiting high-profile instructors.  With Unlimited Class Enrollment, a student pays tuition that covers entrance to every class in ONE SEASON for which he or she is eligible and can attend.  

Depending upon your interests and experience levels, this option typically results in significant savings. In order to decide if this is the most sensible plan for you, contact The Songwriting School at 818-848-7664 to discuss the courses you wish to take.  

To view the current season's course offerings, GO HERE.


LOOKING FOR A FULL YEAR CERTIFICATE TRACK? We have three tracks for 2024:

  • The Performing Songwriter
  • The Professional Songwriter
  • The Songwriter/Producer



The particular offerings will vary each season. Below are a couple of sample schedules. Imagine the first student is less experienced, or perhaps they are experienced as a writer and wanting to fill in some musical skills and concepts:

    Once you enroll in the Unlimited program, you will work with an advisor to work out the schedule that best matches your interests, needs, experience level, and calendar. Not sure if the Unlimited plan is your best option? Contact us and let us help you plot your course schedule to determine if the Unlimited Plan would be your most valuable and cost-effective approach to classes at The Songwriting School.


    Some fine print details:

    Tuition must be paid in full in the advance of the first class to be eligible for the per-class discounts this affords.  No payment plans are allowed.

    1) Private lessons and individual workshop events are not included and are available at their respective rates.

    2) Certain elective classes that have limited enrollment b/c of distinguished outside instructors might not be included in a Season's Unlimited package. Unlimited students would, however, would have priority for a seat in that class and could enroll for $100 USD below the stated tuition for that class. This will never include more than one course in a season, that class will be designated if so, and most seasons have no exclusions. 

    3) If a class involves an audition requirement (like The Songwriter's Workshop or Vocal Performance, for instance) and the class is deemed not the right fit for you at this time, you will not be able to take the class. You and a faculty advisor will arrive at the appropriate course of action to maximize your value and your experience.

    4) You may take ONE class on-demand that meets concurrent with a class you are enrolled in as part of the Unlimited plan. Any additional class or online classes you would like to take during that season, you may do so for $100 off the published tuition for that class.

    5) The tuition can vary for individual seasons where there are additional course offerings on additional days (weekdays and/or Sundays).

    This plan is not designed to allow you to take all the courses offered at The Songwriting School in a single Session or Season.  No one can, both because of the schedule,  the demands each places upon you to be adequately prepared, and the fact that many classes have LEVELS to them.  This option is designed to be a full and meaningful immersion at a mere fraction of the cost of a semester of University or college enrollment, and thus to allow a tremendous personal, professional, and financial value.  In addition, The Songwriting School prides itself on introducing fresh, timely, and unique classes that both address the needs of our community and utilize the remarkable in-demand instructors we have access to (hit writers, producers, publishers, etc.). Apart from some of our core offerings (ROOTS, Theory, Logic, Guitar, etc.), we cannot guarantee a particular course or instructor in any season.

    INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: We are excited to welcome you! We have been honored to have students from England, Spain, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Colombia, Ethiopia, South Korea, Hong Kong, France, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, and more. Please note that we are a non-residential School; you will need to secure your own accommodations. Rather than registering on your own, please contact The School directly by e-mail to discuss your candidacy. Tuition for the Unlimited Plan for International Students should be paid by wire transfer. Please contact us to discuss the particulars. Before you enroll we want to make sure we have a valuable course plan in place for you.

    For questions, call 818-848-7664 or CONTACT US.

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