SONGMAKERS: Beyond The ROOTS - Weekly Song Feedback & Exercises for Graduates of THE ROOTS - ONLINE INTERACTIVE, SPRING 2024 STARTS TUES 4/30 or SAT 5/4!

Please note new dates: SPRING 2024 starts 

TUESDAY 4/30/24 or SATURDAY 5/4/24, 10am PT--still all online over zoom. 9(!) Meetings in each section with an optional additional in-person group gathering at season's end (that we'll zoom for the non-LA Songmakers).

We remain fully interactive ONLINE in this Class For ROOTS Graduates Exclusively designed to help you, well, make songs! There are two sections, Saturdays or Tuesdays 10am-1pm. There are always at least 8 meetings in each season (this season has 9!), and you are allowed to move between sections if you have conflicts.

    SONGMAKERS is a class exclusively for graduates of THE ROOTS songwriting program. The class strikes a vital balance between providing an ongoing curriculum of growth for the writers and weekly workshopping opportunities to gain feedback on songs and songs-in-progress. Exercises range from idea-generation to lyric development, from hook-writing to song structure analysis, from speed-based drills to ongoing projects, all in the spirit of helping each writer cultivate and refine a unique writerly voice and keep making songs.

    Members of the class typically range from full-time singer/songwriters to aspiring writers to points in between.  What they have in common:  the shared knowledge, vocabulary, and skills of THE ROOTS, a passion for their unique art, and a mutual respect for one another and the creation of songs that matter.

    Eligibility:  Exclusively for graduates of THE ROOTS songwriting program.  If you are interested in Songmakers and have not taken THE ROOTS, there are Tuesday evening or Saturday afternoon sections most seasons, with online/on-demand and 2-week Roots Intensive in the Summer and at various times in the year.  We welcome you once you have graduated from THE ROOTS!

    Looking for a song workshopping setting and have not taken The Roots? Consider The Masters' Workshop or The Country Songwriting Manual.

    Reach out with questions for what is best for you and we'll schedule a conversation with a faculty advisor.

    When:  This course meets Saturdays, ongoing,  10:30-1:30pm, or Tuesdays 10am-1pm PT. An eligible songwriter can join at any time. 

    • You are guaranteed at least 8-weeks in a season, and the calendar frequently allows more. 
    • * Your first round tuition for a "new Songmaker" is $499, and you get all the meetings in the given time period.
    • * If/when you choose to return for a subsequent season, the tuition is reduced by $100 to $399.
    • Some students take the class for a single season, some as often as their needs dictate, and some remain in class every semester for a consistent opportunity to receive feedback, assignments, accountability, collaboration, perspective, and support.
    • This class is aimed at YOUR personal, creative, and professional goals and gives each student a personalized experience.
    • This is not a class with a "class A to class Z" curriculum; thus it is possible to start at any point in the year. 

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