How to Workshop Your Songs--and Why You Should!


"One of the best ways to grow as a songwriter is to get feedback on your work from a trusted gatekeeper," says Platinum Lyricist Mark Winkler. And Mark ought to know. He remembers the first critique a publisher gave him--and how it motivated him to study with a mentor and hone his craft. Now countless cuts as a songwriter, charting albums as an artist, and a record-breaking off-Broadway show later, Mark has provided that mentorship and gatekeeping for so many emerging songwriters in our community and at UCLA.

Mark Winkler joined ROOTS songwriting instructor Rob Seals for a free Zoom conversation about how to workshop songs and rewrite them until they are ready for what comes next. They unpack a checklist of considerations to make sure the lyric, melody, and structure are as strong as possible. Then Mark takes a look at a commercial song and then workshop a song from songwriter Julie Logue, a Roots graduate and member of The Masters Workshop with Mark Winkler.

Includes talented and generous special guests and longtime student members of The Songwriting School community Richard Castle, Andrew Samples, and Jason Ryterband (Grand Prize Winner John Lennon Song Contest, Electronic Music)..



Download this HELPFUL CHECKLIST for WORKSHOPPING SONGS referenced in the conversation. (This will open in a new window, so if you have pop-up blockers, please note.)

Mark Winkler is again leading a song feedback settingThe Masters' Workshop, Thursdays, 7pm Pacific on Zoom. Questions if this is right for you? Call 818-848-7664 or CONTACT US.

Mark's beloved lyric writing class, WRITING COMMERCIAL HIT LYRICS meets for 8 wks.  Learn more or enroll here.