The Modern Mindset Music Business Class: Success Today in Tomorrow's Music Business - Next Section FALL 2017 Starts W 10/11, Online/On-Campus

This popular class returns Fall 2017!

This 8-week, hands-on class teaches the fundamental nuts and bolts of the music business from someone working actively in it and helps students understand the mindset and focus of those innovators and entrepreneurs making a serious impact in today’s marketplace.  The class will teach a way of examining the modern music industry landscape that is forward-thinking, real-world, real-time, relevant, and vital.  

Class culminates in group Artist Case Study presentations, where class teams put to use the concepts, principles, and tasks of the class each week to generate detailed rollout plans for an artist. Groups present these proposals to the artists themselves on the final class. Led by instructor Gaelen Whittemore, publishing/licensing for Ne-Yo's Compound Entertainment, class is offered on-campus and online.

Online format: class broadcasts in real time, Wednesday nights 7:45pm Pacific. The video archive posts 24 hrs later at a password protected site, along with all class materials. Online students have the option to participate in group projects. Online students can present to the instructor for feedback and guidance in the final week.

Topics covered will include but not be limited to

  • The Roles of Team (manager, attorney, agent, booking agent, label, PRO, publisher, radio promoter, label...) and each
  • Copyright and Monetization: master recording and composition
  • Streams of Income
  • Publishing
  • Licensing
  • Making and Releasing a Record
  • Indie Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Touring
  • Collaborative Projects with Real-World Pitches

The class will allow you to submit questions and topics in advance you would like dealt with, and as appropriate those topics and questions will be integrated into the curriculum.

This class is for me if I am...

  • an artist contemplating how to build my team, roll out a single or a release, or even plot my very first steps thoughtfully
  • a band member wanting to empower myself with more information about all aspects of monetizing my art and my skill-sets
  • a producer looking to strengthen my business chops, get cutting edge ideas about how to develop and break artists, and to position myself positively for my future
  • a manager looking for front-line, real-world training from someone at the highest level of artist/opportunity interaction
  • a songwriter who understands the need to diversify and cultivate various skills to make a living making music I love
  • a parent whose child is interested in the music business and wants to be empowered and informed when meetings and contracts and dollars are on the line
  • a creative person looking to expand the scope of my thinking and generate ideas that will lead to real value for myself or people I associate with

As a student in this class, you will have the opportunity to submit a "package" in week 6 for direct and private feedback from the instructor, a head of publishing & licensing at Neyo's Compound Entertainment and himself an artist manager.  The details of this assignment and remarkable opportunity will be outlined in detail during the first weeks of class.

What is the online format for this class? Class materials are released weekly; lectures, assignments, optional case-study project. 

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