Learn GARAGEBAND on Your iPad or iPhone, with Grammy-Winning Brent Paschke (KIDS & TEENS) - Tuesdays 4-5pm PT Zoom Starting 3/16/23

Learn how to use GarageBand on iPad or iPhone to create your own songs--and study live over Zoom (and on-demand) with Pharrell's longtime guitarist, Grammy-Winning songwriter/musician/producer Brent Paschke!

For 5 Tuesdays 4-5pm Pacific, LIVE over Zoom, with full replays and support materials available on-demand.

Learn how to create basic song arrangements and productions as Brent guides you in detailed lessons in rhythmic basics, drum parts, chord patterns, loops, instruments, effects, and more. You'll be able to review all the videos after the fact at the private class site, or you can take the class entirely on-demand (asynchronously).

  • WHEN: Tuesdays 4-5pm Pacific over Zoom for 5 weeks, starting 3/16/23. Not pre-recorded--it's actual Grammy-Winning/played on "Happy" for Pharrell Brent(!)--with full replays of actual Brent and supporting materials on-demand 24 hrs after each class
  • WHERE: over Zoom and on-demand
  • CLASS ARCHIVE VIDEOS: you can take the class on-demand only, or you can attend live AND review all the class videos and resources at a private class site. You will receive access after class 1.
  • WHO: For ages 10-15 suggested (younger or older by permission, so please reach out: call or text to 818-848-7664).
  • EXPERIENCE LEVEL: This class is appropriate for any level of experience as a musician or songwriter, and it is aimed at beginners in recording. If you already have experience in recording, you will still benefit from learning GB for iOS, but there will be some concepts that will feel elementary to you.
  • WHAT: GarageBand is an award-winning app for iPad or iPhone. You'll need GarageBand installed on your iOS device for the class.
  • WHY: You have an unbelievable tool in your hands! Learn how to make music with it and learn from a musician who has been a part of some of the big hits of the past decade, including Pharrell's "Happy" which makes the Minions dance.
  • HOW MUCH: Special Introductory Reduced Tuition for this first round of the class!
      > Earlybird enrollment: enroll before midnight 12/23/22 for $129
      > Enroll by start of the class for $149
      > 5 meeting class with lifetime access to class videos and support materials at the private site

Can I take the class if I have GarageBand on my laptop or desktop?
The iOS version is distinctly different than the OS version for computers. This class is iOS only. BUT the computer version of the class is coming in 2023! Please CONTACT US and let us know you'd be interested in the desktop/laptop version of the class when it launches, with Brent also teaching.

What if I (or my son or daughter) take the class and love it and want to keep going and further my knowledge? Will there be a next level?
Yes! Graduates of the intro class will be eligible for ongoing study where we deepen our toolbox, get prompts to create each week, and have the chance to share work with peers and get guidance and input from the instructor. All in the new year!

I want to learn a recording software for my laptop or desktop sooner!
Great! You are ready for GarageBand's professional big sibling LOGIC PRO. We have a fantastic course in Logic Pro taught by the author of 5 books on the subject, longtime leader of the LA Logic Users Group Jay Asher. Go here to learn more or take the class right away on-demand or to enroll in the next live version.

You can get a free 90-day trial of Logic Pro here, fully functional!

About the Instructor, Brent Paschke:

Brent Paschke is a 2x Grammy award winning guitarist, producer, songwriter, and educator based in Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his work with the production duo The Neptunes/N.E.R.D. (Pharrell Williams' and Chad Hugo), having worked with the duo since 2001. Brent has also worked with Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, New Kids on the Block, Kelly Clarkson, and many other artists. He is the proud father of little kids and knows how to communicate in an encouraging and positive way that helps young creators believe in their possibility and realize it in their music.

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