Below please find tasty new releases from members of the Songmakers song workshopping class (who are all graduates of The Roots songwriting class) at The Songwriting School community can be accessed here. 

If you are a Roots grad and have a new release to let us know about, please share the details here.

After listening to all the music in the pats couple of shout outs, a new Songmaker who just finished The Roots this Summer and is a wonderful new addition to the room this Fall, wrote to me about how impressed and inspired by everyone she is. "I'll have what they're having!" she said. A-men. Here's to another inspiring serving:

Michelle Pietrifeta and her band Banshee Tree released this beautiful record back in the Spring and have been touring the middle and western parts of the country on it all Summer. Here is the Spotify artist link. We are so proud of Michelle that in the midst of all this band stuff she has not only established her authority as a drummer in video workshops and exhibitions and sponsorships, but she has been working at her own music. We can't wait to shout out that release next!

Mitzi Schwartz returns to the SONGMAKERS room this Fall, and in her absence she has been busy recording her long-awaited EP! While we await its release, here is an inspiring interview with Mitzi (brought to my attention by Mary Lou Fulton). Mitzi, your sense of the importance and purpose of creativity that you articulate in this interview is inspiring, and we are so proud of you for your record and eager to welcome you back!

Marcie Grambeau was in and out of the SONGMAKERS room in person a few years back. This Summer under the artist project purelands released this beautiful collection of meditative, healing music in a singer/songwriter context. Here is Spotify the bandcamp link for the full record.

Kendra Boardman
spent a few cycles in the yellow room Songmaking, and she has triumphantly released her very first single as the artist Kenjra. Here is the Spotify link for her single "Follow Me."  Kendra, this was a long journey, and we are so proud of you and are honored to have been a few of the stops on your way. Your vocal sounds wonderful too!

Keith Everman (Ikard): YESTERDAY was the release of "Sonic Celebration"(!!!), a song Keith workshopped in SONGMAKERS and wrote to honor the spirit and magic of live music and all its power. Stream it here on Spotify. This is Keith's first release, and we are so deeply proud of you and happy for you, Keith, for the courage to pursue this passion of yours and the fortitude to offer something up for the benefit of the tribe!

Mary Lou Fulton released both the bilingual "The Ballad of Suaqui" and the Spanish "El Corrido de Suaqui." 
This song honors the hometown of Mary Lou's grandmother and mother, lost to flood when the Mexican government built a dam in the name of progress. She brought early drafts to Songmakers, and I am privileged to have worked with her to record it. Those are Spotify links. You can view the powerful video here, and listen to her most recent NPR radio interview here. The full 10-song album drops next month. If you want to learn from her experiences with PR and radio promotion, reach out to her. And if you have had successes getting playlisted and featured, do share your insights.

Liz Alden (Beth) released her debut solo EP this Spring/Summer, and you can listen to the beautiful 5 song collection Like the Moon Draws the Water on Spotify. Beth shared the video of "Blue Suitcase" during class. 

Caley Rose released the video for "That Chick" today, a bop she wrote/produced with Songmaker alum Sir Jeff Hsu (Peaches xx Cream). Great treatment in the video, directed by Songwriting School peeps Exi, shot by Roots grad Evan Blum, and makeup by Roots grad Tiffany Renee. 

- Rob Seals, October 1, 2021