WORDS & MUSIC, TEEN Songwriters Class - SUMMER Zoom Weekly Starting 6/12!


LA Families:
We will meet over zoom in this weekly songwriting workshop, early Summer 6/12-7/10 . And there will be a week-long Intensive, July 22-26 with both in-person in historic Enterprise Recording Studios in Burbank, and over zoom. Details to be announced and registration to open shortly!

• SUMMER: Zoom-only, Wednesdays, 4:30pm PT (5:30 MT/ 6:30 CT/7:30 ET) 
5 weeks, 6/12-7/10. Chance to join 7/3 for remaining 3 wks for reduced tuition (please inquire)

• SUMMER INTENSIVE: For those in LA, we are looking at an in-person + zoom intensive the end of July: 7/29 - 8/2, M-F in-person here at historic Enterprise Recording Studios in Burbank. Time/fees TBA. Please inquire.

Class is designed for teens who have some (even small) experience writing songs. Not sure if it's right for you (or for your son or daughter)? CONTACT US TO DISCUSS. Call 818-848-7664 or fill out this form.

(If this is your or your family's first class at The Songwriting School, there is a one-time new student registration fee of $35. You can pay that here. You will not owe this again.)

We believe that songwriting is the highest form of writing. In barely three minutes, a song can tell a story like a novel, or play images in our heads like a movie. A song can evoke as beautifully as a poem or as forcefully as a picket sign. It can feel as personal as a journal entry or a letter to a best friend. It can gather the rest of us like an inspired speech or a rally cry. Songs move us to our core—to dance, to cheer, to shout, to sing, to weep, to hope, to believe, to remember, to move.

To learn to write songs, then, is to develop remarkable life skills of perception, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and self-expression. Novelist, screenwriter, poet, scribe: Songwriters learn to be the best noticers—and they report what they notice back to the tribe. This class is devoted to kindling that passion to notice, the ability to express, and the means to create finished work.

In this TEEN ONLY section, we will build a deep toolbox to start, structure, finish, and revise original songs. Class will mix hands-on exercises, thoughtful lesson presentation, group and individual work, and out of class assignments to help students develop their unique voice and style as songwriters.

We will write lyrics and music. A student does not need to play an instrument to write songs, though many do and will. For the student who does not (a writer, a singer) this peer setting might give them the hunger or clarity to learn piano, guitar, ukulele, etc. For the student who does, we will make use of and build on those existing skills in writing songs.

This class will be a positive, challenging, and appropriate setting for someone writing her first song and for someone who has been writing songs for a while. If, however, you are looking for an even more in-depth experience, there is the all-ages (adults too) songwriting class The Roots (10 meetings, 3 hours +). In the Summer we also offer a Teen Roots Summer Intensive, for one week in July. Members of Words & Music class are eligible, as are those who have not taken Words & Music.

If you have questions, please call 818-848-7664 CONTACT US with as much detail as possible.


About The Instructor
Rob Seals is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose work has appeared in feature and independent films, on ABC, CBS, ABC Family, E!, Bravo, MTV, VH-1, Oxygen, Fox, The CW, Apple +, and an underpaying streaming service near you. He is the Founder of The Songwriting School of Los Angeles.

As the creator and instructor of The Roots songwriting classes at The Songwriting School, he helped people write their first songs and helped Grammy-Winning artists write their own songs. He has led graduates to make their first records or sign publishing deals, and he has helped creatives with full-time careers outside of music find meaning and value in musical self-expression. Multiple Grammy-nominated songwriters have taken The Roots--not to learn how to write songs of course, but to go deeper toward writing more personal, meaningful songs that matter.



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