RETURNING IN WINTER '24! Your Modern Mindset Music Business Weekend Intensive: In-Person & Online, Friday thru Sunday, dates TBA!

Gaelen Whittemore returns for this impactful, hands-on guide to the modern music business, live and in-person and streaming live in multi-cam HD, Friday evening thru Sunday late afternoon, with full replays for all attendees on-demand 72 hrs after the event ends. Returning FALL 2023!

Dates TBA soon!

A select number of eligible attendees can take part in the ROUNDTABLE, a Mastermind group where Gaelen will give you guidance about your brand, direction, and strategies on the final day of the weekend--AND you'll be able to participate in a follow-up call with him after you've had a month + to implement strategies.

TAKE THE FULL INTENSIVE, without the traffic! The Intensive Online/On-Demand available NOW!

Your Modern Mindset Music Business Intensive has two opportunities for you to learn, develop and grow your brand, and build a road map for your professional future. Your Modern Mindset Music Business 101 Weekend will help you understand exactly how our business moves RIGHT NOW and give you the mindset to navigate it and the tools and concepts to construct a road map for your journey.

Your Modern Mindset Music Business 101 Intensive, On-Campus meets on-campus one inspiring weekend: Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday. The weekend culminates in a 3.5 hour roundtable QnA discussion where the instructor helps group members clarify their plans and connect the concepts of the course to what comes next for their business. The daily schedule is below.

For ONLINE/on-demand students, you will have access to the full materials to consume on-demand, in both a browser and mobile app format. After the instructor paints the landscape of roles and opportunities, you will watch the instructor guide you in the process of forming strategies for brand development and content rollout. Those paying for the interactive version of the course get to both observe the live Roundtable AND participate in one of your own at a later date in a small group online video conference with the instructor. At this time you will have the chance to get your questions answered and receive input on how you are plotting to implement strategies and concepts of the course.

If you enroll for the contents-only and decide later to take part in the group Roundtable, you may for $250 additionally. Save by enrolling in the full version.


    This intensive, hands-on class teaches you how the music business moves right now, from someone working actively in it, and helps you understand the mindset, techniques, and strategies of innovative artists and entrepreneurs making a serious impact in today’s marketplace.  The class will teach a way of examining the modern music industry landscape that is forward-thinking, real-world, real-time, relevant, and vital.  

    Your instructor believes that this is a Golden Age in the music business for creative people. Rather than lamenting a gloom and doom situation of shrinking revenues, he equips his classes with an inspired mindset, three-dimensional understanding, and an honest appraisal that leads to empowerment and momentum. This is not a class about passive learning; this is a real-world class equipping you to do the work on behalf of your art.

    Note: Gaelen is donating his entire earnings for the weekend to a charity that supports at risk youth through music, education, and sports. All Songwriting School proceeds will finance scholarships for Fall 2023 classes at The Songwriting School. By taking part in this program, not only will you help the business of your music, you'll help create opportunities for others.


    DAY 1
    Check-in & welcome!
    • Mindset Check
      • What is the shape of the current music business?
        • brand development
        • discovery
        • etc
      • Song Ownership
        • Master
        • Underlying Composition
      • Team / Streams Of Revenue
        • Creative
        • Business
      • Choose Case Study
    DAY 2
    • Brand Evaluation
    • Define Demo / Pilars
    • Pick Team / Build Business structure
    • Set Music Budget / Plan
    • Develop Content Strategy
    • Develop digital marketing Strategy / plan
    • Analyze difference between indie marketing strategies and major label strategies
    • Mindset Check :: Student Q&A; set-up the final day
    DAY 3
    • Record Deal Structure
    • Publishing Deal Structure
    • Student Focused Group Chat

    Topics covered will include but not be limited to

        • The Roles of Team (manager, attorney, agent, booking agent, label, PRO, publisher, radio promoter, label...) and each
        • Copyright and Monetization: master recording and composition
        • understanding, building, and promoting the BRAND of you
        • ALL the possible Streams of Income
        • Publishing
        • Licensing
        • Making and Releasing a Record
        • Indie Marketing
        • Distribution
        • Touring
        • Create a roll-out plan tailored to your needs, your art, your brand, using all the concepts of class, your peers, and your instructor's input in the interactive discussion (optional for online students)

    The class will allow you to submit questions and topics in advance you would like dealt with, and as appropriate those topics and questions will be integrated into the curriculum.

    This class is for me if I am...

        • an artist contemplating how to build my team, roll out a single or a release, or even plot my very first steps thoughtfully
        • a band member wanting to empower myself with more information about all aspects of monetizing my art and my skill-sets
        • a producer looking to strengthen my business chops, get cutting edge ideas about how to develop and break artists, and to position myself positively for my future
        • a manager looking for front-line, real-world training from someone at the highest level of artist/opportunity interaction
        • a songwriter who understands the need to diversify and cultivate various skills to make a living making music I love
        • a parent whose child is interested in the music business and wants to be empowered and informed when meetings and contracts and dollars are on the line
        • a creative person looking to expand the scope of my thinking and generate ideas that will lead to real value for myself or people I associate with

    What is the online format for this class? 
    The weekend will be broadcast live AND available on-demand. Online students who register for the Roundtable will be able to observe the in-person roundtable on the closing Sunday and will take part in your own over Zoom at a date TBA in June.

    The online version of class allows you on-demand access to the full video materials of the most recent version of the course. Each quarter another Roundtable will open up where you can get both group support and Gaelen's guidance on your brand and career.

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