Featured Student: Julie Mintz Pulls Back The Thin Veil to Follow Her Dreams

A talented actress who always privately yearned to sing her own songs, Julie Mintz made the leap to full-time singer/songwriter in 2011 on the heels of performances at South By Southwest in her native Texas.  She worked at her craft at The Songwriting School in classes like THE ROOTS, Guitar for Songwriters, The Beatles Code, and as a longtime member of the audition-only Songwriter's Workshop.  
Since that first trek to South by Southwest, Julie has collaborated with musicians and producers in Los Angeles and London, toured and performed on big stages and late night TV mainstays like The Tonight Show with Moby, and heard her voice in a feature film. In the spring of 2015 she released her debut EP, The Thin Veil, produced by Moby.

Julie’s first and foremost priority in any studio, or on any stage, is authenticity. Her most recent recordings (Live from Holywell Lane, London) favor a one-take, live recording process that embraces the beauty of imperfection. Generations of American singer/songwriters have captured imaginations with this honest and time-tested approach. Add Julie Mintz to that list.

On the subject of inspiration and her time at The Songwriting School, she notes, "The Muse is a fickle lover, but as evidenced by all of the songs that emerged [while studying here], she has a definite affinity for the Songwriting School.  As do I!"

Listen to Julie Mintz, singer/songwriter, at her website or watch her video, below.