July 30, 2020

HOW TO RE-WRITE SONGS, with Platinum Lyricist Mark Winkler

"Writing is Re-Writing." This is an idea we learn as songwriters. But how do you re-write songs so that you end up closer to the truth of them? The Roots songwriting instructor Rob Seals speaks with Platinum-selling lyricist and accomplished recording artist Mark Winkler on the topic of How to Re-Write Songs.
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May 21, 2020

WRITING STRONGER LYRICS, with Platinum Writer Mark Winkler

Rob Seals writes: I love great lyrics. And I love talking to great songwriters about how they write theirs. I was excited to talk with Platinum Writer Mark Winkler as we discussed Writing Stronger Lyrics.  I had questions for Mark. The nearly 95 songwriters in attendance had questions for Mark. He fielded our questions with thoughtful, personal, specific examples. We looked at a couple of songs. It was an inspiring and informative night. Watch it below. Mark Winkler is again leading a song feedback...
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May 07, 2020


 WATCH THE FULL EVENT ARCHIVE HERE: Gaelen Whittemore has been equipping artists to navigate the digital landscape for nearly 8 years here in his Your Modern Mindset class. As artist manager and CEO of 3T Entertainment, he is both steering careers of established artists like Too Short and recently signed to Empire Records IYLA.Watch the archive of Growing Your Audience in a Quarantine-Affected Market. Want to study with Gaelen Whittemore? You can take his Online/On-Demand Your Modern Mindset Intensive right away.  The next interactive Digital Marketing...
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