Recording Studio Rental in LA Area with Engineer

Recording sessions make use of an acoustically tuned room with floated floors, excellent equipment, and engineers trained not only to deliver what is demanded sonically but an educational experience as needed. In this way the product and the process are both of great value. An experienced artist gets a great result at an indie-friendly rate. A less experienced artist gains mentorship and understanding of the process while turning out a professional piece of work.

We typically do not book sessions shorter than 4 hrs, but there are exceptions. To discuss a booking other than 4- or 8-hr blocks, CONTACT US or call 818-848-7664.

Are you a lyricist/singer who doesn't play an instrument (or plays a little but needs help)? The SINGER DEMO Special gives you the option to work with an experienced songwriter/producer/engineer to help you arrange & record your song, learn about and choose a production approach, and create a simple production for this demo recording. You get not only the educational experience but something tangible to show for your time, including basic instrumentation. If you need collaboration to finish your song, you will discuss and agree to whether you are "co-writing" or whether that work is included as part of the "work for hire" of your recording. 


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