Placing Songs in TV, Commercials, & Film - Sunday 11/10 Class 1 Only Pass - Lindsay Wolfington

Class begins Sunday 11/10 with special guest Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. This one-night-only pass allows you to attend both part 1 overview presentation and part 2 coaching and gives you the chance to submit for her current project(s).

If after class 1 you choose to enroll in the full class, you may. Half of this fee can be put toward the tuition (and you will owe $549 for the entire course). 

Learn from some of TV's top Music Supervisors, Publishers, Licensing Houses, Songwriter/Producers and more, all about how to write, prepare, approach, pitch, and license songs to television, commercials, film, games, and more.  In this unique interactive class, learn from the other side of the desk about how best to build the catalog, relationships, and business acumen to place your songs in the various media.  

Class will include regular feedback sessions with music supervisors, publishers, placement houses, producers, and accomplished/placed artists. There will be real pitch sessions and assignments designed to help you write and re-write for film, tv, games, and commercials.

We are proud to welcome back Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington (One Tree Hill, The Royals, Ghost Whisperer, The Village, etc) as a featured instructor for the Fall 2019 session and our first guest on Sunday 11/10, 6:30pm.

Class will meet Monday nights AND two Sundays, both on-campus and streaming online:

  1. 11/10 Sunday, special 6:30pm start with music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington
  2. 11/11 Monday
  3. 11/18 Monday
  4. 11/25 Monday
  5. 12/2 Monday
  6. 12/8 Sunday, Part 1: writing camp to brief with music supervisor
  7. 12/8 Sunday, Part 2: pitch session/review with music supervisor (after dinner break)
  8. 12/9 Monday
  9. 12/16 Monday

    Guests for the 9-session class include and represent

    • music supervisors
    • music placement houses
    • licensing companies
    • major motion picture trailer division
    • a digital royalties resource
    • film/tv reps at PROs
    • publishers
    • producers
    • accomplished/signed artists in sync
    • attorney for a legal discussion of contracts and agreements
    • and more

    ...all assembled to help you elevate the quality of your work, enrich your network of collaborators and resources, expand your understanding of the opportunities in sync, improve focus and clarity about the role of sync in your music, and give you a top-to-bottom understanding of how to navigate that world professionally.

    Previous Guest List: We are proud and pleased to have had these distinguished guests in the previous round of class (Full Fall 2019 panelists to be announced shortly!):

    • instructor Lindsay Wolfington, Music Supervisor (One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer, The Royals, etc)
    • Daniel Higbee of Secret Road Music Services
    • Jason Kramer from KCRW & Elias Music Group
    • Garrison Starr, songwriter/recording artist
    • Amy Stroup, songwriter/recording artist
    • Alexandra Nickson from the music dept at Disney/ABC Family and curator of Persimmon Music.

    Each class video involves a mix of presentation, demonstration, lecture, question and answer, interactive and take-home assignments, regular feedback, and a series of assignments designed to help each class member build and organize their catalog and prepare it and themselves for improved chances of placing songs. There will be actual pitching opportunities with direct feedback from music supervisors, placement houses, and publishers.


    • am a songwriter or producer looking for various opportunities for my music
    • have always wanted my music on television
    • keep hearing that my songs "would be perfect for tv" but don't know where to start
    • want to understand all about how licensing works, how to prepare paperwork, rights, etc
    • have a home studio and know there must be opportunities waiting for me
    • or...I am not a songwriter but want to learn the business of music supervision from this unique three-dimensional perspective. Two alumna of this class have gone on to respected positions in music supervision directly as a result of this class.


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