Placing Songs in TV, Commercials, & Film - Single Class Only Pass (live over zoom or on-demand); Next Live Class: 5/2 Nettwerk Music + Extreme Music (Sony/ATV) - or Special Classes 1-3 Bundle!

SPECIAL: Classes 1-3 Bundle for $149 -- OR -- PICK THE CLASS MEETING YOU WISH TO View or ATTEND for $79.

If you choose to enroll in the full class, you may apply the cost of the single visit toward the full tuition, and you will be able to submit for any listings that are still receiving submissions at that time. 

To learn more about the full class or to enroll and to be eligible for all submissions (music supervisors, writing camp, sync agency, libraries, and critical listening reviews), go here.

  • CLASS 1 (ARCHIVED): Award-Winning film/tv music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington. Includes 2.5 hr class conversation and a bonus 90-minute Virgin River spotting session discussion.

  • CLASS 2 (ARCHIVED): Eric Robinson, Grammy-nominated producer/engineer (Taylor Swift, Sia, Natasha Bedingfiled, Milk Carton Kids), A&R Nettwerk Music Group
    (critical listening + submissions for fully enrolled students only)

  • CLASS 3: (ARCHIVED): Bleu McAuley, hit writer/producer/artist (Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Big Freedia, etc) who just this past year authored the Masters Program in Sync Music Production & Licensing(!) at Berklee College of Music. So here comes a lot of that education from the source, live. And for those interested in learning about that fine Berklee program he created, he'll be able to answer questions and point you in the right direction.
    (critical listening-submissions for fully enrolled students only)

  • 5/2: Sync Department Nettwerk Music Group /  Extreme Music (Sony/ATV) Library
    (critical listening for fully enrolled students only)

  • 5/9: Triple Scoop Music Licensing + guest
    (submission for all)

  • 5/16: Blue Buddha Sync Licensing Agency / attorney Ben McLane (worked on more than 150 top 10 albums or singles; author of music biz book)
    (submission for fully enrolled students only + chance to get ALL your music biz questions answered)

  • 5/23: Jessica Vaughn, CEO Headb*tch Music, artist/writer with 2 of top 10 TuneFind/Billboard TV Syncs of 2021 + guest

  • no class 5/30 Memorial Day

    Each class video involves a mix of presentation, demonstration, lecture, question and answer, interactive and take-home assignments, regular feedback, and a series of assignments designed to help each class member build and organize their catalog and prepare it and themselves for improved chances of placing songs. There will be actual pitching opportunities with direct feedback from music supervisors, placement houses, and publishers.


    • am a songwriter or producer looking for various opportunities for my music
    • have always wanted my music on television
    • keep hearing that my songs "would be perfect for tv" but don't know where to start
    • want to understand all about how licensing works, how to prepare paperwork, rights, etc for a possible career in the business of music licensing
    • have a home studio and know there must be opportunities waiting for me
    • or...I am not a songwriter but want to learn the business of music supervision from this unique three-dimensional perspective. Two alumna of this class have gone on to respected positions in music supervision directly as a result of this class.


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