CREATE & RECORD A SONG IN ABLETON LIVE - FALL 2022 Starts WED 11/2/22, 7pm PST - Get Free 90-Day Trial of Live



Learn the PC and Mac-based creating, sampling, and beat-making software Ableton Live, with Instructor Alex Marlowe. Alex will walk you step by step through all you can do with Abelton. You will create projects and see them to completion in class as you gain the skills and confidence to use this remarkable digital tool.

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What: 6-week fully interactive class over Zoom, with full on-demand access to all class instruction videos and materials

Special Intro Reduced Tuition for early enrollment! In celebration of this first round of class online, and in recognition of this pandemic moment, the early enrollment tuition has been reduced. Between that and the opportunity for a free 90-Day trial, we hope this will have you creating on your own and interfacing with your collaborators on any other platform.

Ableton Live - Level 1 SYLLABUS

Week 1

Installing and Setting Up Live
Audio and MIDI Settings
Basics of the Live Interface
Session View and Arrangement View
Start a Groove/Lay a Guide Track

Week 2

Recording MIDI Tracks
Recording Audio Tracks
Editing MIDI and Audio Tracks
Lay Out Your Song Structure

Week 3

Editing Audio for Clips
Working with Clips and Scenes
Warping Audio
Drums and Percussion

Week 4

Using the Browser
Playing the Instruments in Live
Using the Effects in Live
Bass Tracks

Week 5

Using Keys in Live
Using a Controller with Live
Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Chordal and Melody Parts

Week 6

Layering Parts
FX and Sweeteners Mixing Your Track

Mastering Your Track

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