HARMONIZING 101: How to Hear, Create, & Sing Harmony - On-Demand Only Starting Right Away (Includes private session)!

In this 8 part class, on-demand with private sessions, you will learn to hear, create, and sing harmony by learning to sing all the parts in 4 different songs--while gaining ear training, vocalization exercises, and coaching on your approach, delivery, and blend. Then you'll learn to apply these concepts to your own arrangements, whether covers or your originals, and get coaching and feedback from your instructor.
  • Can't wait for class to start? Can't make that particular time? You can take Harmonizing 101 on-demand and receive a private 30-minute session to answer questions, get feedback on your work, coaching on your vocals, and guidance as you move forward

Allie Moss & Bess Rogers are accomplished singers, songwriters, recording artists, and members of Ingrid Michaelson's band. They make their living creating and singing beautiful harmonies.

In this fully-interactive 8-wk class over Zoom you will learn to hear, create, and sing harmonies for four different songs in four genres. You'll receive music theory lessons, vocalizing and ear training exercises to practice with, and recordings with each part isolated to learn and sing along with.

Informative and fun, this will be a great chance to sing with humans each week over Zoom while you work at your own skills and toolbox to create and execute harmonies in your own songs.

Enroll early to save on the tuition of the full 8-wk course.

How amazing will class be? Below is just a sample, as longtime friend of The Songwriting School and recording artist extraordinaire Garrison Starr lent her vocals to one of the songs you'll work on in this class, the Fleetwood Mac classic "Landslide." Give a listen as your instructors Allie Moss and Bess Rogers apply concepts of this class to a stunning 3-part harmony:


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