GUEST PASS: PLACING SONGS IN FILM & TV, PART 1 SUNDAY 11/10 6:30pm, with FILM/TV Music Supervisor Lindsay Wolfington

Join us as our GUEST to hear top music supervisor Lindsay Wolfington explain all about how sync licensing works and how to get your songs in tv, film, and more.

  • When: Sunday, 11/10, 6:30-8pm
  • Where: The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, or streaming online
  • How Much: Free to attend, in-person or online, this detailed overview of sync licensing--the process of placing songs in tv, film, commercials, and more. 
  • After a short break, those enrolled in the full class PLACING SONGS will have the chance to be coached by Lindsay on an actual brief for one of her current projects--and have the chance to submit for that listing
  • As long as spaces in class remain, guests will have the opportunity to enroll in the full class or pay for a single night pass
  • Those paying for a single night pass may subsequently enroll in the full class and apply half the value of the pass toward tuition
  • guests in subsequent weeks include major music placement companies, producers, head of music at a major television studio, publishers, film/tv reps from PROs, accomplished/signed artists in sync, attorney, and more.

For those interested in deepening their understanding, resources, and opportunities in sync, you may enroll in the entire 9-meeting class PLACING SONGS OR enroll for a one-night pass and have the chance to get Lindsay's coaching on an actual brief --and have the opportunity to submit for the listing.

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