Preparing to Take LOGIC PRO X, LEVEL 1 at The Songwriting School

Congratulations on the decision to take this aspect of your creative life into your own hands! This page is designed to prepare you for the first day of Logic Pro X., Level 1 classes at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles.

By learning a creating and recording tool like Logic Pro X, you will soon have the ability to take the ideas in your head and realize them with your own voice and virtually any instrument in any genre you can think of. 

But first, let's cover some basics before you begin. Your instructor, Jay Asher, is the author of four books on Logic, is a former staff writer at Casablanca, has scored major motion pictures and television, and is a go-to consultant for some of LA's top creators in Logic. He additionally runs the Los Angeles Logic Pro Users Group, which we are proud to host here at The Songwriting School.

In this short video, Jay goes over some of the things you will need to do BEFORE you come to class 1 in person or begin online. Please watch and make sure you have everything ready to go before you arrive for your first class.

Resources Jay Discusses

For class if you are bringing your own laptop, you will need these things:

  • A Mac laptop with Logic Pro X installed and the latest update installed
  • all Logic Pro X additional sounds downloaded/installed
  • an updated OS (we don't require you to be on the latest OS, but you must be on an OS that is stable with your version of Logic)
  • earbuds or headphones

Jay strongly recommends you purchase the David Nahamani guide to Logic Pro X.

While you will want these tools, they are not required for class:

  • a small 25-key MIDI keyboard/controller - you will only need a keyboard in class for 2 of the 6 weeks. If you do not want to purchase a small MIDI keyboard, your computer keyboard can become a musical keyboard when you engage the CAPS LOCK key. You will most likely want some kind of MIDI controller, but those who have full-scale keyboards at home may not wish to purchase an additional controller
  • an audio interface - this class does not get into mic-ing or recording techinques per se, so you will not need an audio interface for class. If you hope to record voices, acoustic guitars, or any analog instrument, at some point you will want a means of getting audio into the computer. That is the job of an audio interface. Jay describes some options in the video.

Questions about the class format? What you will learn? Feel free to CONTACT US or call 818-848-7664.