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  • When: ONLINE on-demand. Next on-campus workshop: TBA, Winter 2018
  • Where: The Songwriting School of Los Angeles + anywhere the internet finds you
  • Who: For anyone who records, from the simplest Garage Band to Logic to Pro Tools to Ableton Live to...
  • How Much: $49 on-demand online
    $49 In-Person for Past or Present students at The Songwriting School, 
    $79 for In-Person Non-Students of The Songwriting School
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  • Want to Learn a DAW (a recording/creating platform) where you can use Melodyne? We offer a great class in Logic Pro X at The Songwriting School, on-campus and online. Our Special Guest Instructor Evan Blum is a graduate of the class!

Read more below, both from and about Evan Blum.

Evan has this to say about this professional tool:

"Melodyne is seriously the best plug in EVER. I use it constantly in all my vocal sessions. If I had to I would've paid 10X what I did for it because I love it so much. It allows you to work magic on your vocals and tighten them up to be so right on the money that the obsessive compulsive person inside all of us can finally be happy. Alternatively you can add extremely mild adjustments to leave it perfectly natural sounding as 60’s Bob Dylan record. With more extreme settings you can get that “Auto-Tune” Sound as much as you want to get that club banger sounding just good enough to make the kids go crazyyyy! The possibilities are endless and I know that there is not a single Vocal recording situation in which Melodyne could not only sweeten up your vocals but save you time and energy! It would be my pleasure and honor to teach others the tool that so drastically has helped me in my musical journey! Believe me I didn’t do that great on my SAT’s so If I can figure it out anybody can! Join Me and let’s take over the music Biz!"

Youtube Links Where Melodyne was used on the vocals:



About our Special Guest:

Evan Blum is a 26 year old Singer, Songwriter, and Producer Based in Los Angeles California. His music can be anything from upbeat, quirky to mellow and heart-felt and has been featured on billboard.comHuffington Post, Refinery29, and Teen Vogue.

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