Co-Writing Songs Hit Writer Night Summer 2015

Thank you all for taking part in Alan Roy Scott's Co-Writing Songs: The Art & Business of Collaboration, Summer 2015! Below is a private video from the final class with special guest hit writers Phil Cody, Kevin Fisher, and Cherish Alexander. Three great songs came of the night. Many of you asked to see the video, and out of respect to you all and for the final work that might come of some of these collaborations, this page is posted privately, just for you. (We might excerpt only a short portion of your song in a future video to communicate what a great thing Alan does in this class.)

Please CONTACT US or call 818-848-7664 to discuss what classes might serve you in the Fall. Want to work with some of these great folks? Glad you asked...

  • Phil Cody is teaching Lyrics with Phil Cody, Monday nights starting 10/12.
  • Alan Roy Scott and Phil Cody are both giving feedback on your songs in The Masters' Workshop, Tuesday nights starting 10/13.
  • Kevin Fisher will be teaching a class all about writing and pitching Nashville Songs on Thursday nights starting 10/22. Details coming shortly!
  • Want to repeat Co-Writing Songs class? Many people do! You are eligible to retake the class at any point in the future for HALF tuition. Different co-writers, different songs, same awesome Alan Roy Scott. We next offer the class Winter 2016.