Keyboard Skills for Producers and Songwriters - LEVEL 1 Starts THURSDAY 1/28/21, 7pm PST

WINTER 2021 LEVEL 1 starts 1/14/21, on Zoom and on-demand!

LEVEL 2 starts 3/18/21, on Zoom and on-demand

If you are a singer, aspiring producer, or guitar player and you want to quickly fill your toolbox, Keyboard Skills for Producer & Songwriters will move you confidently toward realizing the ideas in your head and getting them into your songs and into your DAW.

Instructor Alex Marlowe is a songwriter, producer, keyboardist, and remixer. He has credits on Grammy-Winning and Platinum records, and he was the touring keyboardist for the late soul legend Bobby Womack. He understands exactly what producers and songwriters need to be able to do on a keyboard, and he gets you there--in 4 wks. 

Alex also teaches Music Production for Songwriters .

  • LEVEL 1 meets 6 Thursdays in JANUARY starting 1/28/21
  • Live and fully interactive over Zoom - and on-demand
  • The course will include many accompaniment tracks to the exercises in modern styles that students will play along with during the class and can download for practice on their own.

Here's a brief sample and preview:

LEVEL 2 REVIEW SESSION you can watch, FALL 2020:


Sample Syllabus:

Keyboard Skills for Producers & Songwriters - Level 2  (please click to view)


Keyboard Skills for Producers & Songwriters - Level 1

Week 1

  • Music Theory Basics for Practical Use: The Major Scale Formula
  • The minor Scale Formula
  • Relative Major and minor
  • Intervals
  • The Major Triad
  • The minor Triad
  • Diatonic Triads in Major
  • Progressions with Triads
  • Keyboard Part Playing 1

Week 2

  • Chords for Practical Use: The Major Triad
  • The minor Triad Inversions
  • Augmented, Diminished and Suspended Triads
  • Diatonic Triads in Major and minor
  • More Progressions with Triads

  • Keyboard Part Playing 2

Week 3

  • More Chords for Practical Use:
  • The Major Seventh Chord
  • The minor Seventh Chord
  • Augmented, Diminished and Suspended Sevenths
  • Diatonic Seventh Chords in Major and minor
  • Chord Voicings
  • Progressions with 7ths
  • Keyboard Part Playing 3

Week 4

  • Chord Progressions for Practical Use: 9th, 11th, and 13th Chords
  • Common Progressions
  • Guide Tones
  • Voice Leading
  • Transposition
  • Keyboard Part Playing 4

In this class we cover practical keyboard skills and ways to apply them in the context of grooves and songs. We’ll study common chord progressions, and use them to create keyboard parts in various styles. We’ll use synth sounds as well as acoustic and electric piano sounds for the class examples, and practice by playing along with beats and baselines.

Even those with no prior knowledge of music theory, or keyboard playing experience will be able to benefit. You’ll come away from the class with a broad range of exercises for developing your skills, and tools for creating keyboard parts for your own songs.

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