July 16, 2017


  Paul Zollo is a songwriter, photographer, and author perhaps best known for his insightful interviews with the luminaries, collected in his two volumes Songwriters on Songwriting and More Songwriters on Songwriting. On Friday, July 14th the tables were turned as respected music journalist Skip Heller interviewed Zollo, at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles. Watch the full video below. Photograph of Skip Heller and Paul Zollo © Jacki Sackheim. Visit her website.
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October 05, 2016

Something True, by Paul Zollo

Paul Zollo is the Senior Editor of American Songwriter magazine, and the author of Songwriters On Songwriting, Hollywood Remembered, & Conversations with Tom Petty.  His next book is the sequel to Songwriters On Songwriting, which comes out Election Day, November 8, 2016, with Da Capo Press, More Songwriters On Songwriting, with new interviews with Leiber & Stoller, Elvis Costello,  Loretta Lynn, John Prine, Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, Randy Newman Chrissie Hynde, Stephen Stills, Kris Kristofferson, Herbie Hancock, Sia and many others. The...
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October 02, 2016

What Makes a Melody Great, by Paul Zollo

By PAUL ZOLLO Although mankind has made miraculous leaps in understanding the natural world, our understanding of how the brain perceives and maintains music is mostly a mystery. “Ear-worms,” from the German ohrwurm,  those tunes that play in your head seemingly on their own, are entirely a mystery to scientists, who are just beginning to scratch the surface of this puzzle. This phenomenon – also called “headsong” and “humsickness” -- has been an integral part of human experience since the dawn...
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September 27, 2016

On Criticism and Rejection, by Paul Zollo

  By PAUL ZOLLO  Being a songwriter in the world is the best of jobs and the worst of jobs. It’s the best because we make songs. We make order out of chaos, and find harmony within the dissonance. We give meaning to an increasingly crazy world, and create something timeless in a time when nothing seems to last more than a moment. And we get to live inside of music, which remains one of mankind’s most beautiful forces, as...
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September 17, 2016

Beach Boy/Rock 'n Roll Hall of Famer Mike Love Gives Us Good Vibrations

 The Songwriting School of Los Angeles was honored to welcome Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Member Mike Love to Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interviews by Paul Zollo, on Friday September 16. View the entire interview, below. The two frankly discussed the iconic songs of the Beach Boys catalog, their evolution, and Love's role in those he contributed to as lyricist and, often, as shaper of hooks. The conversation honored and examined the towering genius of Brian Wilson's musical architecture while revealing...
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August 30, 2016


The Songwriting School of Los Angeles was proud to have legendary songwriter and recent Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee Chip Taylor as our next guest on Tuesday, August 30 for Songwriters On Songwriting, Live - Interviews by Paul Zollo. He is best known for writing two classic songs, "Wild Thing," recorded by The Troggs, Jimi Hendrix and others - as well as "Angel of the Morning," recorded by Merrilee Rush, Evie Sands, Juice Newton and others.  His songs have also been recorded by...
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July 09, 2016

Paul Zollo Interviews His Co-Writer and Friend Darryl Purpose

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles was pleased to welcome Darryl Purpose, one of the most beloved songwriting-singing stars on the Americana/Contemporary Folk scene, as special guest for Episode 12 of Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE: Interviews by Paul Zollo. His most recent album is the critically-acclaimed Still The Birds, 11 songs written with Paul Zollo, which has been at the top of Folk DJ playlists since its release. His previous album Next Time Around was #1 on the Roots Music Report...
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June 22, 2016

Neil Sedaka & Phil Cody Are the Coolest on the Hottest Day on Record

With temperatures outside The Songwriting School of Los Angeles reaching as high as 117º, the great Neil Sedaka could not have been warmer in spirit or cooler in stature as he sat down as Paul Zollo's guest for Songwriters on Songwriting, Live. The spirited conversation spanned Sedaka's remarkable career from hit writer in the fabled Brill Building to hit pop recording artist, and on to his creative re-birth with collaborator Phil Cody.   Mr. Cody later joined his former co-writer on the stage. The two recalled...
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March 22, 2016

Paul Zollo Interviews Dave Stewart of Eurythmics

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles was honored to host hit writer/producer/artist Dave Stewart, co-founder with Annie Lennox of Eurythmics, to Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interviews by Paul Zollo. The night featured live performances, thoughtful talk on the creative process, and a rare listen to individual parts in the multi-track recordings of some giant songs. The two men discussed Stewart's freshly released book, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This, as well as Zollo's own revered Songwriters on Songwriting, in which Stewart will...
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February 06, 2016

English Artist RUMER Leaves us "Thankful" in Her Interview with Paul Zollo

The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is proud to resume 'Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interviews by Paul Zollo' in 2016 with our Episode 9 guest: RUMER. This gifted Pakistani-born British recording artist is a multiple Brit Award nominee and was named MOJO's Breakout Artist of 2011. She has collaborated with numerous luminaries, including Burt Bacharach, Dionne Warwick, our Episode 1 guest (the late) P.F. Sloan, and our Episode 8 Guest and Songwriting School alum Stephen Bishop.  In this February 4, 2016 interview and...
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