WRITE, RECORD, RELEASE: Online Class Bundle ROOTS/LOGIC/MODERN MINDSET (3 Essential Classes, 1 Reduced Tuition)

Write, record, and release your own music: take The Roots Online Songwriting Class, Logic Pro X, Level 1 (the Mac-based recording/creating software), and Your Modern Mindset Music Business Intensive ONLINE for one significantly reduced tuition.

This is not a passive YouTube tutorial experience; this bundle affords you the chance for genuine mentorship over video conferencing with instructors to help you integrate and implement the concepts of each class.

The Songwriting School turned 10 Years Old in 2019, and to set you up for a great year of creating in 2020 we are offering this special Online Class Bundle so you can DIY your music with great mentorship and access to community, wherever you are creating.

The tuition for these classes regularly totals $1499. This Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday special makes the 3 classes $897 (save $600). You can read more about each class below.

This special opportunity is limited to 15 songwriters.

Sounds great! But what if...

  • I know myself and I need more human interaction and personal accountability.
    * Know thyself! Yes, this amazing creative community is the best part of this place, and we want to give you that too, but without the traffic! We include optional weekly Zoom interactive video conferencing "office hours" where you can get input on both your songs and your productions, hear from others, ask questions, and generally connect. These office hours will be offered at various days/times throughout each month at a posted schedule so that all time zones are accounted for.
    * You are eligible to participate in the live Roundtable of Your Modern Mindset Music Business Intensive (after completing the course), over Zoom, or to submit questions to be addressed if you cannot attend.
    * If you would like further private attention (on songs, mixes, or a release strategy), additional private consultations with the right personnel can be booked as needed, with private instructor rates applying.

  • I have taken The Roots already, either on-campus or online. Can I substitute another class or more? 
    You can substitute any ONE of either
     - The Beatles Code: a Composition Masterclass
     - Guitar for Songwriters Levels 1 & 2, or
     - Piano for Songwriters Levels 1 & 2,
     - Music Theory & Ear Training for Songwriters Level 1
     - Writing Commercial Hit Lyrics
  • When you enroll, include a note to this effect in the checkout process (there is a clear opportunity to do so) and a faculty advisor will follow up promptly to discuss the most appropriate fit for you. 

  • I love the idea of taking those three classes, and I'm also interested in adding some of the ones you just mentioned, like Piano or Guitar, Theory or The Beatles, or going forward with Logic Level 2 after I finish Level 1. Is there a special for that too?
    Yes! Select one, two, or three additional classes at the registration link and see the total amount (savings up to more than 50% total)

  • I have taken some or all of these classes on-campus. Is there some kind of special you can work out for me? 
    YES! While this special is specifically aimed at online students, we are grateful that you are an essential part of this community in-person. Reach out at info @ the songwriting school dot com or text or call 818-848-7664 and we'll discuss your options for closing out 2018 and kicking off 2019 (wait for it, wait for it) Write!



To learn more about each class, click on the "Learn More" button. To get your Bundle Discount, don't add classes to your cart from these listings; instead select the proper bundle from this listing.


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