Vocals from A to Z, with Paulette McWilliams - 8-Wk Class Starts Monday 2/19/18

Vocalist Paulette McWilliams has recorded or performed alongside some of the greatest voices of all time: Michael Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Celine Dion, Michael Bublé, Aretha Franklin, Lauryn Hill, Dolly Parton, David Bowie, Luther Vandross.... She brings a lifetime of wisdom as professional vocalist and coach to Vocals from A to Z, an 8-week class at The Songwriting School to help singers become complete vocalists.

Ms. Williams is offering a one-night workshop with both an overview of her approach that has led to her successful career and a hands (and voices!) -on exploration of Professional Background Vocals, Monday 2/5/18, 8pm Pacific, on-campus and online. Enroll in the class and attend the Workshop for free. Workshop enrollees may apply the cost of the workshop toward the 8-wk class tuition. To learn more or enroll in the Workshop, GO HERE.

"I am a vocalist, not a singer," Paulette remarks proudly. "I can do anything with the voice: demos, jingles, front person, background singer, close harmony duets, part of a choir, you name it. And it is my great joy to help others find that freedom and confidence in their own voices."

Paulette McWilliams has made a career as an artist herself and as one of the most in-demand background vocalists of the past many decades. The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is proud to offer this interactive class in group and solo vocals.

From Paulette:

"This is a workshop for singers who want to learn how to be ready to sing for whatever the job may call for.  The class will help you understand and prepare for the different opportunities for earning a living as a professional in this music business. 
This is an interactive, genre-less class.
This will be a forum and interactive workshop supporting questions on what it means to be a freelance vocalist.
Starting with vocal discipline, i.e. vocal warming ups, diaphragmatic breathing, & keeping your body in good shape so  you will always feel ready.
A freelance professional vocalist knows how to approach and sing  
1. Backgrounds (from arrangements to execution)
2. Demos 
3. Phrasing
4. Duets
We will interactively work on :
how we listen.... for
1. Harmonies
2. Unisons 
3. Blending
4. Step outs
5. Arranging
...and so much more.
Limited to 10 singers. Questions? 818-848-7664 or CONTACT US with your questions.

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