VOCAL TECHNIQUE, LEVEL 1 - WINTER 2020 WEDNESDATS 8pm Level 1 Starting 2/19/20; Level 2 Starting 4/22

LEVEL 1 begins Wednesday 2/19/20. Level 2 begins Thursday 4/16/20. Enroll in both and save!

Learn to raise, trust, and love your own voice! Join us for this 6 week small-group vocal technique class with vocal coach, singer, and songwriter Ingrid Schnell and learn all about your vocal instrument and how to play it. 

In this interactive 6-week small group class, we will vocalize and sing! We will learn about breathing, support, registers, keeping your instrument healthy, and how you can shape your instrument to get the colors/tone you are looking for. We will also go over applying technique in songs and how it can help singers when there is an area that causes vocal issues.

Class will involve individual work and group singing each week so that you can grow your skill and confidence while you learn with, from, alongside, and in harmony with fellow singers.

  • When: 6 WEDNESDAY nights, 8pm; Next section: Level 1 WINTER 2020 starts 2/19/20 and runs 2/19 - 3/25; Level 2 starts 4/22 runs 4/16 - 5/27. Enroll in both at once and save.
  • Where: The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, 4001 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
  • Who: You who have always wanted to sing. You who sing and want to sing better, more confidently, with a healthy and powerful reproduction of your voice

  • If I have taken Level 1 before, can I take it again?
    Yes, and you should! Correct repetition is the key to growth and improvement. Join us for Level 1 again and then go on to Level 2 in the late Winter starting 3/12/20.
  • If I'm not sure if this is right for me, can I audit the first class?
    Yes! You can come to class 1 on a GUEST PASS TH 1/20/20 but we cannot guarantee there will still be space to enroll. IF there is still space in the class after the first class, you can enroll.

    To request a GUEST PASS, please call or text 818-848-7664 or e-mail to info at thesongwritingschool dot com, and plan to come 1/23/20, 8pm.


Private lessons with Ingrid Schnell: book a session to study privately in-person or over Skype

This class may be right for you if...

  • you want to understand your vocal instrument
  • you want to know how to apply technique to help you in your songs
  • you struggle with high notes
  • you want to learn how to use more colors in your voice
  • you want get some awesome exercises that you can warm up to and strengthen your voice
  • you want to understand and improve your breathing
  • you would enjoy getting both personal attention and singing in a group

More experienced singer? Here are a few great options for you. You sound amazing. 

About Ingrid Schnell

Ingrid Schnell is a singer, songwriter, and vocal instructor in Los Angeles. Her repertoire of work includes vocal and theatrical performer, session singer, and vocal instructor throughout Los Angeles area.

She has worked with Disney Animation Frozen 2, Univision Creative Network, Disney's hit show "Dog With a Blog," Break Entertainment, and Matchstick Music. She also trained and worked with artists seen or heard on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, X-Factor, BMG, Hollywood Records, Break Ent., national tours, cruise lines, regional theater, and more.

Ingrid as an artist has performed on both coasts and can be heard on Golden Globe nominated Christopher Young's Love Happens Soundtrack. She has also collaborated with William Wells, Adam Hanson, Matt Bobb, John Spiker, Girl Scouts Anthem, and various other artists. She is currently serving on the board of Vocology in Practice.

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