Summer Songwriting Week for Young Creatives, Ages 7-10

Our young kids are naturally creative and expressive, and what better way to express feeling than through song. In this week-long class, your child will tap into his or her natural expressive voice in words and music and learn how to organize thoughts, feelings, hopes, wishes, dreams, and observations into the impactful language of a song.

Rob Seals has been teaching The Roots Foundational Songwriting Class to both first-time and accomplished songwriters for the nine years The Songwriting School has been open. Graduates of the class include Grammy Nominated and Winning writers and artists, current and former major label talent, published and charting writers, and more. As the father of six and eight year old daughters, he takes some of the same concepts and principles and skillfully and encouragingly puts them in the open hands of young creatives to help them write their own songs. 

Your child will deepen or develop his or her...

  • powers of observation
  • understanding of point of view and verb tense
  • story-telling skills
  • critical thinking and problem solving
  • collaboration and group work through "co-writing"

In terms of the music, while everyone will likely have different experience levels, backgrounds, and interest, the group will come together in the shared exploration of how music works with regard to 

  • melody
  • rhythm and time
  • contrast
  • structure

Class specifics...

  • When: Monday through Friday 7/16-20, 10am-11:30am
  • Who: For interested kids ages 7-10. (If you have an older 10, we will do a separate class for 10-12 year olds). No musical experience required.
  • Where: at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, 4001 W. Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505.


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