Signature Songs: Write, Sing, & Showcase Your Essence - FALL Starts TU 10/10 (ONLINE ALSO)


Signature Songs communicate your unique vision, message, and identity as an artist to the world. You need clarity of purpose to craft them memorably. Precision of intent to record them artistically. And an intimate understanding of self, material, and performance to showcase them powerfully. 

In this eight week Artist Development program, singer, songwriter, and vocal coach BOB GARRETT explores all the aspects of how to turn your singer-songwriting talents into a successful recording and performance career.

WATCH video of Bob Garrett at a FREE EVENT on this topic from Winter 2017, below.

As Instructor Bob Garrett notes, "All decisions that you make in your career as a singer-songwriter need to live “under an umbrella” of how you wish the world to see you, so your creative and business decisions are all made with one vision.  Once you have that vision, while it may change as your career progresses, your focus as an artist becomes clear and your in-studio and onstage performances will direct and catapult you to the artist status you so richly deserve."

Read more about the class below, including on-campus & online opportunities, the recording studio work, private coaching, and all about the remarkable artists Bob Garrett has coached.

Signature Songs Event 1-31-17 from The Songwriting School of LA on Vimeo.


The first four weeks will focus on finding the singer-songwriter’s essence so that your lyrical content, musical genre, physical look, public persona, and message are individually yours and clearly define to  the music industry and audiences what unique slot you fill in the world of music. This process will include

  • reviewing and refining your current songs (if need be) to reflect your image
  • developing new material
  • maximizing the potential of your voice through technical exercises
  • and working on the performance of the songs in your catalogue. 

Promoting your single, EP, or album in live performances is a mandatory requirement in this industry. Mr. Garrett’s experience performing in live venues, clubs, and on Broadway, as well as coaching artists -- artists as diverse as Katy Perry, the cast of Big Time Rush, some of Hollywood's top film actors, and contestants on American Idol -- will be a tremendous asset to your success as an artist.

The second four weeks will continue this process and include in-studio recording of your new material and preparation for a showcase, a vital part of securing a record deal, representation, music placement, or other desired next steps in a career. In addition, the art of how to produce your best vocal performance in studio and onstage will be covered as well as how to ensure that your image is clear both vocally and physically for your showcase and in your future live shows. 

On-campus class will be limited to 9 class members and includes the following:

  • on-going group work with Bob Garrett where each student will receive coaching as songwriter, singer, and performer, building toward the recording and live showcase performance of a Signature Song
  • one class meeting in a professional recording studio with instructor Bob Garrett providing coaching and notes (vocal production) for each class member as he or she sings
  • one additional private hour in the studio to put that coaching to use to complete the vocal
  • a final live performance showcase with industry guests

On-line class will be limited to 5 members and includes...

  • the opportunity for individual coaching with Bob Garrett over video conferencing, both on-going and in a the context of studio recording
  • access to all video content of classes, in real time and archived
  • the chance to present a live performance video to air the night of the showcase performance, also viewed by industry guests and a streaming audience


Great question! We want to put you in settings that best serve you. If you have any question, CONTACT US or call 818-848-7664 to discuss your candidacy. 

Bob Garrett  (  began his career as an actor, starring on Broadway in Grease, Godspell, Fiddler on the Roof, et al. and later recorded for A&M Records, was a song staff writer for Motown, Columbia Pictures Music and Warner Brothers.  His songs have been recorded by the likes of HEART, Michael Jackson,  Tina Turner,  and countless others. Mr. Garrett  coached the composers on the Broadway smash “The Color Purple” and is currently writing the book for “SING!”,  a new Broadway musical , partnered  with Franne Golde  and composed by Brenda Russell, Stephen Bray, Ari Hest. Ms. Golde et al. 

Bob has also vocal coached and directed countless clients in all phases of show business. Among others, he has worked with Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Vanessa Hudgens, Channing Tatum, BIG TIME RUSH, Garrett Clayton, Rebel Wilson, Emmy winners Jessica Lange, (“Grey Gardens”), Judy Davis and Tammy Blanchard (“Me and My Shadows: Life with Judy Garland”), Drew Barrymore (“Grey Gardens”), Gerard Butler (“Phantom of the Opera” film version),, and countless others.

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