Logic Pro X, Level 2, ONLINE FULLY INTERACTIVE - FALL 2020 Starts Saturday 11/7/20, 2pm PST!

Fully Interactive Online Logic Level 2 class, including the NEW LOGIC 10.5 UPDATE!

Class will meet online in real time. You'll be able to view every mouse move and keystroke of instructor Jay Asher on your laptop--and pause to ask him questions as they arise. When you have work of your own, you can share your screen so the class and your instructor can see your work. In addition, you'll have full access to each week's video archive of class so you can review on your own time. And in the event you miss in real time you'll be able to watch the archive at a private class site.

There are plenty of places to learn Logic online, but here is a chance to learn online in a fully interactive setting with a Logic master--author of 4 books on Logic and long-time head of the LA Logic Users Group. 



I am delighted that you have expressed interest in our Logic Pro X for Songwriters Level 2 class!

You may however be asking yourself if you are ready for a level 2. If you have taken a level 1 class, either ours or another, and are confident you have mastered most of what you were shown, then the answer is obviously “yes.”

If you have not, here is what I think you need to ask yourself if you are comfortable with:

1. The interface. Do you know where to find everything, know what everything is named, and navigate efficiently through it?
2. Do you know how to access and utilize the tools in each window?
3. Do you know the different ways to record audio and MIDI that Logic Pro gives you?
4. Are you comfortable using Logic’s many tools and editors to edit audio and MIDI?
5. Do you understand the basics of altering your arrangements and mixing?
6. Do you have a working understanding of what compressors and limiters, modulation, delay, EQ, and reverb plug-ins do?

    If the answer to all the above is “yes”, then you are ready. If not, you may want get a handle on those first by taking Logic Level 1, either in-person or online.

    The great thing about a non-Apple Certified class like we are offering here is that it is customizable for our students, so please let us know what you hope to learn.

    In Level 2, some topics for exploration:

    1. Show you the terrific new features added in Logic Pro X 10.4 like Track Alternatives, Selection Based Processing, etc..
    2. Advanced workflow and mixing techniques.
    3. Creating a usable click to aid in adding parts to songs that were played freely with Adaptive Tempo
    4. Learning about the Logic synths, including Alchemy.
    5. Create a chord chart in the Score Editor.
    6. Working in the class to share ideas on a current project you are working on to make it better.

    Let us know what you think, and I hope to see you in our level two class.


    • • • • •

    NOTE: If you have extensive experience in Logic Pro X previously you might be admitted to Level 2 without having to take Level 1. Please contact the School to discuss your candidacy: 818-848-7664. In certain cases where the instructor believes a student can handle the Level 2 curriculum, a student will be admitted. A student who is a candidate for Level 2 but who wants a firm foundation may have access to the full Level 1 materials online for a reduced $199 once she or he is first enrolled in Level 2. 

    Unlike Certified Apple Pro Training classes, Song Creation with Logic Pro X will be geared specifically to the enrolled songwriters and their specific abilities and needs. Jay will adapt the clear curricular goals to the interests and experience level in the class.

    We admire Jay for his enthusiasm, his passion for teaching, and his hunger to learn as a fellow creative person. We are honored to offer the only class of its kind that we know of--teaching this amazing, flexible software specifically from the perspective of the creative needs and applications of songwriters, composers, and producers. You are going to love this class!

    Tuition: Bring your own equipment, $450. Use School equipment, add $50 (and be sure to let us know in advance to reserve a work station). Enroll now as space is limited.


    - Macintosh Intel computer running Logic Pro X software, installed and licensed and updated (note: you must have LPX installed and updated with content downloaded if you are bringing your own computer!). This is a lengthy and large download--get started!

    - portable MIDI control surface/keyboard (instructor will let you know when you need to bring your keyboard--not required the first class meeting). Note: If you prefer not to purchase a MIDI keyboard, your laptop QWERTY keyboard can serve as one by pressing the CAPS LOCK.

    - headphones/earbuds

    - the instructor strongly requests and encourages students to secure this text as a supplement. If you did not already secure this resource in Level 1, you may click on the title to be taken to the Amazon page AND ONCE THERE BE CERTAIN TO SELECT THE MOST UP-TO-DATE VERSION (or Kindle vs Paperback):  

    Note that this is an affiliate link, which means School receives a small commission when you purchase. This does not impact the cost of the book at Amazon.

    Logic Pro X is a songwriter’s dream! More than any other software recording application, LPX comes complete with everything you need to write, arrange, and mix to achieve a great song production in any genre.

    The user interface in this newest release will feel less intimidating and more familiar to anyone who has played with Garageband.  And there are many intuitive features including the remarkable virtual "drummer" and its various kits that can sense the groove of YOUR song and play realistically.  Logic's native version of autotune allows for much more sophisticated and immediate pitch correction.  And that is just the tip of the X iceberg.

    You can record real singers and players, use a wide array of software instruments, utilize a large library of Apple Loops, and mix with an excellent palette of EQs, compressors, reverbs, delays, guitar amp and stomp box simulations, etc. Not to mention LPX’s fantastic and further updated Flex audio that allows you to change the tempos of recorded audio in real time.

    Learn from Jay Asher, composer, songwriter, Apple Certified Trainer Level 2, and author of Scoring with Logic Pro, and the previous guides Going Pro With Logic Pro 8 and Going Pro With Logic Pro 9.

    NOTE:  Jay is an Apple Certified Level 2 Instructor, but this not an Apple Certified course by design.  This is a big advantage to our students, as the freedom has allowed Jay to create a curriculum far deeper and more essential to a music creator and at a significantly lower price point.

    Special added service of this class:  we record Jay's desktop and audio and make those materials available online optionally for no additional cost so that students can

    - review materials from the previous week and all weeks

    - make up class material in the event you must miss a class

    Our ambition is to make Logic a go-to creative tool.  From the forethought Jay puts into the curriculum to your access to reviewing the material, we believe this class is unique and unparalleled in the field for its value.

    In Level 1, you will start with the basics of Logic Pro X and over the course of the five classes delve deeper so that everyone in the class learns to create and record their own original material. Jay's patient and encouraging teaching style will make the class understandable for you if you have never used recording software before, and his creativity as a composer and teacher will keep the class engaging for you if you are new to Logic but are migrating from another platform like Pro Tools or Reason. Create beats, make use of the vast library of songs and loops, access the sounds of orchestras, scratch DJs, and rock bands with the click of a mouse--all in the service of realizing your vision and creating your music.  By classes 4 and 5 we will learn the elements and principles of mixing and mastering audio to present finished versions of your songs.  Each week the homework assignments allow you to put the concepts of class to work as you create your recordings.

    In Level 2, you will build upon those foundational skills and gain a professional repertoire of techniques and concepts, from programming and arranging to recording and mixing to mastering your final works. Special attention will be paid to Flex Audio, use of plug-ins, and the ins and outs of this versatile professional music creation software.  Jay is interested in the individual ambitions of the members of the class and will use that to drive some of the particulars of the curriculum.  Some sample topics will include but not be limited to

    • Advanced automation and signal flow with auxes.
    • Logic Pro X's amazing Flex Audio and Varispeed and the sophisticated updates and nuances to each that LPX brings
    • Logic's amazing and little understood Sculpture string modeled synthesizer.
    • Using Sidechain compression and Logic's Evoc Vocorder
    • Logic Pro X's Amp Designer and Pedalboard.
    • Track Importing
    • Working with other  songwriters who also use Logic.
    • (opt.) Preparing simple parts for musicians with Logic's Score Editor
    • more advanced mixing and mastering approaches

    Each week your homework assignments will help you apply the functionality and principles in Logic to YOUR songs, and you will receive personal feedback from Jay on how you might further enhance or improve your recordings and mixes.

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