FREE EVENTS: Conquer Your Fear as an Artist, w/ Performance Coach Joy Graysen, SAT 5/13, 4pm Pacific

Respected LA vocal coach Joy Graysen has helped artists like American Idol finalist Allison Iraheta and Voice Runner-Up Jessica Sanchez discover their true voices. In this mix of vocal coaching and life coaching, Joy will help you Conquer Your Fear as an Artist and help you find confidence, precision, and power as singers, artists, people, TO UNDERSTAND & OVERCOME STAGE FRIGHT and become the best promoters of the brand of you.  

Saturday 5/13, 4pm Pacific, at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, on-campus and streaming, as we explore how we might conquer fear and free our true voices on the path toward becoming our bolder, best selves.

Joy will discuss the concepts of this process and then get a few volunteers up on stage to work with them and explore and exemplify some of the concepts. To attend, register below. And if you'd like to be considered to work with Joy on stage during the event, come with a song in mind whose lyrics you know by heart. All are welcome to attend.

Joy Graysen is teaching two outstanding vocal performance classes this SPRING 2017 at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles: her introductory Conquer Your Fear as an Artist class (meets Saturday afternoons 2:30-5pm starting 5/20/17), and an audition-only for new students (graduates of CYF admitted) intermediate to advanced performance class called Master Your Freedom as an Artist (Wednesday nights 7:30-10pm starting 5/10/17).

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