FREE Event: Own Your Voice, As a Writer, As a Singer, Wed 2/3, 8pm w/Platinum Lyricist Mark Winkler & Top Vocal Coach Michael Goodrich

It takes confidence, clarity, and a sense of purpose to own your voice as a writer or as a singer. Platinum lyricist Mark Winkler and top LA vocal coach Michael Goodrich have some ideas on the topic, as each has worked to do just that, in their own professional creative lives and as teachers and guides to artists in a variety of genres. Interact with them both in this inspiring Free event, Wednesday 2/3, 8pm, on-campus at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles and streaming online.

Tune in live HERE.

Mark Winkler's class Writing Commercial Hit Lyrics starts Tuesday 2/9, 7:30-10pm, 8 wks and is offered on-campus AND online, in real-time and archived. Students from all over the globe have taken this essential lyric-writing class.

Michael Goodrich teaches The Inner Singer: Total Vocal Class, starting Wednesday 2/17, 7:30-10pm, 8 wks. Limited to 10 singers. Check out Michael's powerfully helpful podcast The Inner Singer online!



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