Becoming Iconic: Vocal Performance Class, with Joy Graysen - WINTER 2020 Wednesdays Starting 2/5/20 (Audition only)

Much like Beyoncé becomes Sasha Fierce when she performs, she is not really becoming someone else. She is becoming a larger, bolder version of her best self. By accessing her best self, she has become ICONIC. 

In this advanced, audition-only vocal performance and artist development class, a select group of singers will work for 8 weeks with vocal performance coach and spiritual teacher Joy Graysen to find their true artistry and express it confidently and boldly, on stage. More than that, those singers will work to craft, develop, and believe in what Joy describes (below) as the "authentic hero version of yourself."

Class will involve regular on-camera work, assignments outside of class designed to deepen the growth and discovery in class, culminating in a final performance showcase, filmed in multi-camera HD.

See below for further description, audition requirements, and more.

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Joy Graysen is teaching two outstanding vocal performance classes this Winter 2020 at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, including The Art of Performance class (meets Saturday afternoons in the Winter 2020 session). Becoming Iconic candidates are strongly encouraged to have taken at least one season of The Art of Performance or to have studied with Joy privately.

Which class is right for me?

In instructor Joy Graysen's own words...

The Art of Performance involves tearing down the Ego. Becoming Iconic class establishes the new INTENTIONAL Ego of yourself as an artist.

You actually get to design this authentic, hero version of yourself.

Once you emerge as your true self you then get to rebuild that version of yourself which is the real you, into a larger than life version of that person that emerged.

You get to build on that character in the details and the nuances that you discovered about yourself and you get to make them into this wonderful icon of who you really are.

All is authentic. All is true. You learn to allow yourself to be this heroic, best version of yourself.

You create outwards, from the center.

You become the best, biggest, most identifiable version of yourself.

How do I audition for Becoming Iconic? Two options:

  • Enroll in the class and you will be contacted. If Joy Graysen determines that you are a good fit for the class, your spot is secured. If she believes you should instead study in The Art of Performance, you and she will discuss that. If you agree, your spot in that class is held. If there is a tuition balance you will either be credited or will owe. If it is not your intention to enroll in The Art of Performance, a faculty member will help you decide whether you will apply your credit toward another class in any discipline or request a tuition refund. 
  • Reach out here and include in the note "please consider me for Becoming Iconic class in the _____ session" (indicate which season).

Thank you for your interest! We wish you continued joy and courage as you seek the best version of yourself, in your art and beyond.



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