WORDS & MUSIC: Major Songwriting for Minors (Ages 8-10 and 11-12) - NEXT SESSION TBA!

  • Are your walls covered in artwork?
  • Are you in your second hour of traffic and singing is still coming from the back seat?
  • Is a puppet show about to start in your living room?
  • Did someone just write a story and ask you to listen to the reading?
  • Or did you find a privately written story while you were cleaning up after the author?
  • Are you having trouble processing this because smaller hands are tapping on the table or clapping?

You may have a young songwriter in your house!

Other warning signs may include

  • Singing while playing
  • A love of reading
  • Pointing out details, like the sound a bird makes, or the shape of the clouds
  • A love of drawing
  • Daydreaming
  • Or focus
  • Feeling things deeply

We believe that everyone can be a songwriter if given the tools and encouragement.

In WORDS & MUSIC, your young person will be guided into her or his own powers of self-expression, in writing and in music. For age groups 7-9 and 9-12, the two-hour period is divided into two separate classes.

One hour is devoted to the WORDS of songs (lyrics!) in many disciplines (stories, poems, letters...), combining creative self-expression with critical thinking. We will learn to tell our stories, in our voices, in our styles! Yay!

In the other hour, your child will learn and participate in the language of MUSIC. We will come to understand the vocabulary and qualities of music. We will sing, clap, stomp, beat, say, shout(!), and play ideas until self-expression in music is as natural and necessary as laughter. Fun!

In this class and in this program, it is our hope that young people will develop confidence, courage, compassion, and empathy to learn to raise and trust their voices and express them, memorably. (READ MORE BELOW)


My kid doesn't play an instrument? 
YES! Students do not need to play an instrument to take the class. 

My kid isn't really a singer?
YES! The voice is our very first instrument; you don't have to be a "singer" to learn to play it.

My kid actually already plays an instrument--will this class still challenge them?
YES! In this class we are assembling the building blocks to write songs for a lifetime. A more experienced student can be met where they are and feel challenged.

My child struggles with writing, or writing is newer to them. Will they be able to participate and learn?
YES! We are writers the moment we notice and take the care to share what we notice in our own way. Skill levels are not dividers; they create opportunities for growth and peer leadership. 

More questions? We'd be happy to answer them! CALL 818-848-7664 or CONTACT US . Or keep reading below for more info, instructor bios, details about enrolling in upcoming sections, and more!



  • Summer Intensive 2019 version Monday thru Friday 9:30am-12pm for one week, 7/8-12
  • Words & Music is a 6-week program meeting Thursday afternoons from 4:30-6:30pm starting Fall 2019
  • For ages 8-10 and 11-12. Not sure which to join? CONTACT US and we will be happy to help you find the right setting for your child! (Younger or older by special permission) Or Call 818-848-7664.


  • A value of this program is collaborative learning; more experienced children will be put in position to learn to be leaders and teachers to their peers, encouraging and uplifting the room rather than being held back and waiting
  • Beginners and newcomers will feel and be encouraged and included
  • Instructors will be looking to identify individual needs, weaknesses, and strengths and to find ways to address them thoughtfully and compassionately
  • Program Instructors for the current session: Words, Rob Seals; Music, Ryan Brown (learn more about them below...)

Have a teen looking for this kind of setting? GO HERE. OR REACH OUT TO DISCUSS FUTURE SECTIONS OR OTHER OPTIONS: 818-848-7664.


We are excited to offer a Summer Intensive section of Words & Music!

  • Monday through Friday, 9:30am-12pm, from 7/8-12
  • 5 meetings total, 12+ hrs instruction
  • For ages 8-10 and 11-12 (younger/older by permission; reach out!)
  • Families will be invited to a final event, TBD.
  • Tuition: $279 if enrolled by 7/4; $299 after 7/4
  • Have a second child in your family? take $25 off for a second enrolled child (contact us to arrange this)
  • Have a third? Oh man, you are amazing! Take $50 off for a third enrolled child (contact us to arrange this)
  • One-Time New Student Registration Fee: The first time a student or family member takes a class at The Songwriting School, there is a one-time new student registration fee of $35. You will not owe this again for future classes or subsequent children in future classes.

That sounds so great, but we have Summer plans already. When could we start after that?
We will begin regular weekday programming of Words & Music in the Fall.  

There will be two 6-wk runs in the Fall of 2019:

  • Thursday afternoons 4:30-6:30pm starting Thursday, September 19, 6 weeks
  • and again Thursday, November 7, 6 weeks (no class Thanksgiving)
  • Tuition for the 6-wk classes (12 hrs instruction): $299 

Rob Seals
is a songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose work has appeared in feature and independent films, on ABC, CBS, ABC Family, E!, Bravo, MTV, VH-1, Oxygen, Fox, and an underpaying streaming service near you.  Rob holds an MFA in poetry writing and is a decorated teacher and former champion track coach. His songwriting class The Roots has helped many write their first songs, and it has been a creative home to multiple Grammy-Winning Artists and Grammy-Nominated Songwriters as well. 

He is the father of two young girls. Along with his wife, Ashley, he is the Founder of The Songwriting School of Los Angeles. 


Ryan Brown is a professional drummer and percussionist in Los Angeles, California, perhaps best known as the drummer for Dweezil Zappa. He has taught drumming and music to students of all ages for the past tWendy plus years. Ryan can be heard on releases by Foreigner, Circus Diablo, Hannah Montana, Clay Aiken, Cassie Davis, Nick Lachey, Jesse McCartney, Heather Graham, on the hit single “The Real Thing” from Bo Bice, as well as on the movie soundtracks for Ice Age: Continental Drift (Adam Schlesinger), Kung Fu Panda (Hans Zimmer and John Powell) and The Dark Knight (Hans Zimmer). He’s performed on recordings with Alex Lifeson (Rush), Earl Slick (David Bowie), Elliot Easton (The Cars) and Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/Ozzy Osbourne).

He plays all styles of music, including rock, R&B, jazz, ska, funk, blues, folk and country and teaches private lessons as well. A native of Denver, Colorado, he has played drums and percussion since he was 11 years old. Ryan graduated from Indiana University with a degree in jazz studies and percussion.

Ryan and his wife, Sarah, have a young daughter. 

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