Vertical Horizon's Matt Scannell on The Art of the Song - A Free Zoom Conversation, Wednesday 6/10, 12pm PST

How many times has a song come to you in a dream and you were sure you'd remember it, so you rolled over and went back to sleep--only to wake to find it gone with the morning light?

When that happened to my friend Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon, he got up. He got the song down. That song, "Everything You Want," became the #1 song on the Billboard charts the following Summer. It was the most played song on all radio formats that year. And Billboard named it one of the Top 50 Adult Radio Hits of All-Time.

He joins me for an open Zoom conversation this Wednesday 6/10, 12pm to talk about songs, guitar, being an artist, and so much more. And perhaps we'll get him to play something.

Go HERE to get the Zoom link. If the room is full when you arrive, keep trying. We'll share the archive when it's available for those who can't join us. Fill out the CONTACT link if that's you and be sure to kindly request access. Let us know more about you, your music, and anything you're looking to do with it.

This is not a conversation about the historic moment we are in. But I hope it will be one that reminds us all to keep working at how we attend to the important ideas that keep us up at night. Here's wishing you all strength and safety where you are.
- Rob Seals

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