FREE EVENT - Before & After Performance Mini Make-Overs, with Joy Graysen - Wednesday 2/5/20, 8pm

Learn how to transform your performances into the present, powerful pieces you've dreamed from vocal performance coach Joy Graysen. And then Five lucky singers will get the chance to perform a song on stage and receive a Mini-Make-Over of their performance in this free, inspiring, interactive event. In-person at The Songwriting School and livestreaming, Wednesday 2/5/20, 8pm Pacific.

Joy Graysen teaches her popular series of vocal performance classes The Art of Performance weekly class a multi-step growth toward developing profoundly unique, confident, consummate performers. Class 1 meets Saturday 2/8/20, 3pm and runs for 8 wks. As of the publishing of this event, there are still a few spots available.

IF we sell out, Joy will open a second section of the class on Wednesday nights, with class 2 meeting 2/19/20, 7:30pm. Be sure to reach out if you are considering.

 In this free and open event, she explores some of the concepts that make that growth possible, as singers and as creative people. 

  • When: Wednesday 2/5/20, 8pm
  • Where: at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles, 4001 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, CA 91505
  • Who: creators of any sort--you don't have to be a singer to benefit from this conversation
  • Why: because we are all here to do work that matters...
  • How to stream live/watch later: GO HERE!
  • How much again? FREE to attend or to tune in. If you want to work with Joy in the small weekly class or privately, fees or tuition are noted.

Joy Graysen is also available for PRIVATE LESSONS and offers free additional lessons when her students book a block of 5 or 10 lessons. See the link for details and book online. 

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