Lyrics with Phil Cody, 2-Time ASCAP Song of the Year Award Winner & #1 Writer - SUMMER 2016 Starts M 7/18

Phil Cody has announced that this is the LAST TIME we will offer this beloved class. Don't miss out.

Two-time ASCAP Song of the Year winner Philip Cody's career as a songwriter has earned him numerous #1 hits, gold and platinum records, and ASCAP songwriter awards.  He was a tenant in the fabled Brill Building, writing songs with and for Neil Sedaka and alongside Hall of Famers like Lieber & Stoller and Goffin & King.  His work has been recorded by artists as diverse as Elvis, The Carpenters, Sheryl Crow, Huey Lewis & the News, and Clay Aiken. In this hands-on lyric writing class, learn with and from the intuitive, improvisational, heart-felt master to get to the heart of your voice as a writer. (Watch his moving conversation with co-writer Neil Sedaka as part of Songwriters on Songwriting, LIVE - Interview by Paul Zollo.)

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He has a lifetime of experiences making great songs and a deep passion to share that wisdom with emerging songwriters.  His class The Lyrical Songwriter: Words & Music will allow a select number of intermediate to experienced songwriters the chance to study Tuesday evenings with a master.

This class delves into the relationship between lyric and melody and how the two intertwine uniquely in the songs YOU seek to write.  This is an inspiring class filled with heart, encouragement, hands-on exercises, learning by doing, feedback and interaction, and mentorship under a true leader.

Eligibility:  for intermediate experienced writers and beyond.  If you have not previously, we encourage you to first take THE ROOTS, the foundational course for song study.  If you are a ROOTS graduate, this is great next step for you.

Below: Video of Phil Cody speaking on his craft & background and performing, Fall 2014 at The Songwriting School of Los Angeles.

Below is a letter from Phil Cody.

Dear Songwriter:

As lyric writers, our job is to recognize something in ourselves, our audience or the human condition that is worth capturing, lyrically, in song - not to agonize or analyze or try to wrestle meaning out of thin air. Lyric writing should be a journey of discovery - about yourself, the times you live in and the people that you want your songs to connect with. Not a course of study but a course of action and reaction

To that end he Lyrical Songwriter will be examining these aspects of the lyric writing process:

a.    Our sensory memory . . . The paint box that contains the raw material we will use to create our word pictures

b.   Separating our imaginative processes from our analytical processes and using each to help make our lyrics more interesting, more dynamic and more original . . .

c.    Our personality and perspective as it relates to what we write about and how

d.   Our audience and how targeting for certain audiences determines what we choose to write about and how we go about doing it

e.    The narrative - how to tell a story from beginning to middle to end

f.     The work flow- how we bring everything together in a way that can be repeated, so the songwriting process seems less like a chore and more like play

I created Lyrics with Phil Cody as a means of helping songwriters find themselves and to show them that there is a path from ordinary to exceptional and where, within the art and craft of lyric writing this path begins.

I don’t make any guarantees that I will be able to turn you into great lyric writers. That is something we all have to do for ourselves, as individuals through hard work and repetition, over time. But I can show you where to start looking for ideas, how to start exercising your imaginations, how to bring all five of your senses to bear in your writing process, how to expand your emotional palette and how to tap into your dreams and fantasies and realities . . . for the purpose of creating lyrical imagery that is more dynamic, more imaginative and more able to grab people’s attention and make them go, “WOW!”

It will be a lot of fun and it will be a lot of work . . . we are going to a lot of writing in the time allotted to us, after which, you might just find yourself feeling more passionate about songwriting and more confident about spinning the various threads of human endeavor into incredibly excellent song lyrics.

I hope to see you there. It’s gonna be great! You’re gonna be great!!

So, welcome to The Lyrical Songwriter. I know that the hours spent here will be illuminating, inspiring, memorable and fun.

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Phil Cody

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